In the Laugh Because Otherwise You’d Cry Category

I saw an image yesterday that made complete sense to me as being a symbol of how I deal with tasks and problems in my life.

I’m particularly terrible — but getting better at!! — prioritization.

So let’s say there’s something terribly stressful going on. If I could just DEAL with it, it might very well go away. But, I allow myself to see something else that can be done more easily, and so I go on the path of least resistance, thinking I could relieve some stress by knocking something else off of my to-do list.

It doesn’t really work, though. My stress doesn’t actually dissipate despite lessening the burden with the item of less importance crossed off the list. My coping mechanism is a joke in that case.

Anyway, here’s the image. This is so me.

Me dealing with my life problems

“Yep, that’s a tornado. Yep, it’s an issue. But, dang it, I’ve GOT to mow the lawn, so I am going to do that instead so I’ll feel better about addressing something that I’ve been needing to deal with!”