I am constantly under revision. I am listening closely to my life. I am pouring my heart out here and shifting to spending time with the people I love and doing the things I love. I’m letting go of a lot of physical junk in my life while modeling that behavior for my mind.

I have a mood disorder. I have a messy desk. I love glitter enough for everyone who hates it.

I love beauty. I am a Pollyanna-style optimist. I am fun and zany. I welcome many different ideas, but I still stick to the person I know myself to be.

Live Lightly – this is a constant direction to myself to focus on all things light: optimistic attitude, recognizing the many bright spots in life, being a bright spot in other people’s lives, focusing my energy on being light-hearted (my natural state when I am not weighed down with worry), and attempting a light carbon footprint.

Laugh Often – just seemed to roll with the alliterative punch. And I do laugh a lot. It burns calories. Generally, I find a lot of things funny, too. Probably because I grew up watching a little too much Saturday Night Live, but hey, I am okay with that.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hei. I accidentally found your blog. I wanted to let you know that now you have eight readers. I love it. It is really fun to read:) (I am addicted to this blog. Even if there are only 7 readers.)

  2. I enjoy your blog….

    Thought you might enjoy seeing the new Chihuly installation that’s just going up outside of his new gallery in St Pete, FL. A must-see!

    All the best….

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