Achievement: Unlocked


I did it! I completed my first half marathon. What started as a very COLD and windy day wound up being a lovely and warm day. I do feel very accomplished and I met so many kind people. Running is awesome and I hope I can keep going with it!

Want to know more about the race? Here are some visuals.

The route:


My pace (which got slower as I progressed, ha!) and the elevation changes:


I can’t wait to run some more. On the road. I’ll probably do this race again, but it was pretty difficult. I was well prepared for it though, mentally and physically. I’m so proud of myself!

In other achievement news, I have been wanting to make a felt Christmas tree for my son for quite some time. img_7223

It’s not the most beautiful tree, but I love it because my son helped make it and it’s going to get the job done. I have plenty of supplies to make fancier ornaments, but I love that he drew the biggest gingerbread man and decorated it and the smaller ones. I didn’t have the best scissors to cut out the shapes, either. I got embroidery thread to use, so maybe on my next road trip I can crank out some fancier ones. It’s so easy to make and we could make a new one or new ornaments for it each year. Love it!

In Bipolar News, I have been on some new meds to stabilize my mood, and I think they are helping. I have another check in tomorrow with the prescribing doctor, so I think he will be happy that he chose this course as figuring this stuff out can be really daunting and hit and miss. I’m glad I’ve kept up the running and resting I’ve needed to do, as that goes a lot way to keep things progressing in the right direction, too. I was worried that I’d grow lethargic. I will say I have been sleepier on the whole, so I will report that to him.

As always, thanks for reading.


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