Won’t You Take Me (Out of) Funky Town?

Today is one of those days where everything feels heavy. Everything feels like a dream or like I am on one of those rides that takes you through the scenes (like “It’s a Small World”), and all I have to do is sit here and look at the world passing by. I just want to sit and look, but others need me to do things, so I can’t just sit here. I’m responsible.

I’ve slept plenty but I haven’t exercised enough.

Bad headache from yesterday has gone but I’m still reeling from it.

And I am still getting through the stuff I didn’t get done when I was sick a few weeks back.

What an exciting blog post, Susan! Please complain some more to me!

You’re right. I shouldn’t complain. I know I can get myself out of this the same way I always do, by working toward all my to-do items that have stacked up a mile high.

Oh, lord, that to-d0 list: Deadline early next week. Other pressing matters I haven’t addressed that are due. Things I’m pretending that don’t bug me, but do. Things I should have acted on already but only I know about my own internal deadlines on those things. Ongoing: Maintain normalcy on all fronts. Learn how to ask for help.

The days are getting shorter and my patience level is dwindling with the daylight. I’m irritated with myself.

Again: super engaging writing, Susan! Thanks for being so specific!

Okay, I am going to stop with the negative self-talk. I’m going to get over this funk.

I pray for patience, energy, gratitude, creativity. I pray that I can generate enthusiasm from these sources.

Thanks for reading.


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