Baby Watch 2013

Where are you, baby?

Yes, I know exactly where you are right now, but why don’t you come on out and be born?

39 weeks pregnant. I am at that super uncomfortable point I knew I would reach but sort of hoped I would miss by a few days.

My doctor said two and a half weeks ago he doubted I would make it to my due date. I knew that could mean that the baby could come just a few days shy of May 25. Or he could still come late despite all indications. I didn’t become incorrectly convinced and subsequently impatient until a scare we had this past Thursday when my blood pressure was so high at my regularly scheduled appointment that I had to be admitted to the hospital to be screened for preeclampsia.

I was deemed okay to go home, but there was something in the way the doctor DIDN’T say it could still be a while before the baby comes that led Josef and me to believe we were operating under a short timeline now that we had had this scare. Parents were called, my parents came into town Friday night, contractions seemed to be ramping up, we made sure that our bags were zipped up and ready. I told my manager it looked like baby would arrive this weekend.

Baby must have other plans.

Which is fine. That means we made it to 39 weeks and he is considered full term and should have fewer health concerns than if he had arrived earlier. This is ultimately a good thing.

Except now I feel I got everyone riled up for no reason. Obviously I have no control over when he arrives but at this point I thought we would be holding our baby based on what all we inferred based on Thursday night.

More good news is that there are lots of telltale signs of labor almost ready to start. And we are running out of time as no doctor will let a pregnant woman in 2013 go too far past her due date (2 weeks max!), so this baby IS coming.

Just not yet.

I wish I could say this feels like waiting for Christmas or even a wedding day approaching, but it’s really not like that because of not knowing when this will happen. I feel more like I do when waiting for a hurricane to approach. No one knows exactly when it will hit, how strong it will be, and whether those receiving the hurricane are truly ready no matter how much preparation is done. We are ready and impatient for this major life event to hit. Josef and I are trying to enjoy our lasts as a couple with no children but at the same time we are ready mentally and physically, havjng prepared our hearts and home for this child of ours. We are excited about WHAT is happening (unlike a expecting a hurricane!), but that excitement is tempered by not knowing WHEN.

So day 4 Baby Watch 2013 continues.


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