Dirty Girl Run 2012

My best friend from high school, Holly, texted me a few months ago.

“Let’s sign up for the Dirty Girl Run!!”

The whaaa?

The Dirty Girl Run

We trained on our own, but honestly, we can get by on sheer energy alone. Always, we’ve been big goofballs.Image

This was no different.

Honestly, the whole experience was just plain funny. We created tank tops with hand prints on our boobs (it was a partial fundraiser for Susan G. Komen). On the backs of our shirts, we quoted a line from our favorite movie we loved in high school, Rocky Horror:


There was lots of glitter involved, of course.

Getting to the location proved to be very trafficky, but luckily we got there in plenty of time to check in. We were glad our families were with us to hold our bags as the check in for bags was pure bedlam. There were a lot of people there, for real.


Some pre-race shots. Some pre-race, pre-dirt shots:




And then we went through the race. Our families (my husband, Josef – pictured in my sunglasses! and Holly’s husband and son) were able to catch up with us and got some action shots:


We look like 5 year olds in that shot.

Here we are after the next-to-last obstacle. We are dorks. Proof:





This is my fav, from earlier in the race, a la Chariots of Fire:


I love how the people in the back think my husband’s taking their picture, too!

Okay, the big mud time:


She got me good!

But, I got her back!


I did not submerge myself like that crazy lady beside us! Yuck!

All the same though, we got dirty. Winners!




We can’t wait for next year! I finally got my ears clean!



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