You shall not pass

The last post I wrote was submitted from my Droid. It was the first time I had blogged through my new phone, and I thought I was *supposed* to put in a password in order to *post* my entry. I really didn’t mean to lock everyone out.

One of my friends told me she was actually worried about me, and wondered what was going on with me and what was I keeping so private that she wouldn’t know about. Whoops!

So, no, I didn’t really mean to put a password on my blog post. There are no secrets on this blog, except for whatever I choose to leave off of this blog. That’s just being coy and smart about what I reveal, not being secretive. Got it? I’m not secretive.

Also, I tend to want to write after I’ve given something some thought. I don’t write for the sake of writing. I write after I’ve mulled a topic over, realized I want to blog it out as a way of dealing with whatever my brain is super-glued to at the moment, and then write it out to pry my brain off that topic. So not only am I not secretive, I also am not magical in that I can’t mull over my thoughts and feel inspired on a more frequent basis.  Perhaps I don’t require that much catharsis, is all.

But, I am going to the beach next week! That doesn’t require any mulling to blog about. How about I keep the location a surprise so I’ll have something to tell you about later? Great, sounds good.

This post makes no sense. Thanks for reading anyway!


2 thoughts on “You shall not pass

  1. However silly it is, I was a little worried too! It’s not the first time it’s happened to a blog I’ve read though, so I didn’t think too much about it. Thanks for clarifying! 🙂

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