Don’t Worry/ About A Thing/ ‘Cuz Every Little Thing/ Is Gonna Be Alright

Happy post-Easter to you!

I know I still owe you renovation pics, but I have to take some pictures to post. Plus, we are still getting everything to be just the way we want it to be, so the renovation is being a diva and is not ready for her close up.

Guess what I am doing right now that I haven’t done in a long time (besides updating my blog)? Nope, not watching TV, although I will get to that.

I am hula-hooping while I write this blog post! I did this a while back and it still cracks me up a little that I can hula-hoop and blog at the same time.

So, Lent is over and I am actually happy to say that I don’t really want to stop with my LOR. I tried to watch TV, the only thing I actually gave up for Lent, but I felt like I had total ADD and couldn’t concentrate. I kept reading a book (love Jeannette Walls!) and getting distracted by household chores I wanted to do, so I kept ignoring the attempts of the TV to entertain me.

I have really failed at drinking water. That was my major struggle during Lent and even after Lent. I have to keep this up — it’s just too good for me as a singer and with maintaining weight (or weight loss) to stop attempting this habit.

I aced the walking part. Total slam dunk. Now, I think I should up that daily goal to at least 5 miles and/or walking the dog each day.

Reading the Lectionary text is also something I enjoy, and I can see myself possibly keeping that up. I love reading the Psalms and the Gospels the most.

I made a new chart in my journal as I did for Lent. I started with yesterday and essentially laid out the next three and a half weeks. I also wrote in upcoming events so that as I am recording how I did each day I can take note of what’s coming up. Luckily there are a lot of exciting things coming up, despite having a bit of a dark cloud parked over my head.

I have a little over a month to find a new job.

No small feat.

I’m keeping up a terrific momentum and have some definite possibilities of varying excitement to me, but until I have this puzzle piece figured out — an extremely important puzzle piece that touches so many areas of my and Josef’s lives — it’s going to loom over me and distress me.

I really think my daily routine that I have established will be the most helpful list of things to do in order to stay sane and positive during this time. It was tremendously useful and beneficial to me already, and after taking a weekend (well, Sunday) off from the routine PLUS ate a ton of Easter candy, I felt terrible! Monday was really rough and I think it’s because I wasn’t drinking water and sticking to my routine. After buckling down again yesterday, today has been much better for my mindset and abilty to feel optimistic again.

Okay, renovation pictures promised for next time! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry/ About A Thing/ ‘Cuz Every Little Thing/ Is Gonna Be Alright

  1. You’ve been drinking a gallon a day, right? I’m trying to think of the recommended daily intake and compare it to a gallon. How much is that? While a gallon sounds great for the body I would totally be taking bathroom breaks constantly. (I know people who never ever drink water, which always baffles me.)

    I’m glad to hear that when you went off course of your plan that you felt bad (not that I want you feeling bad!). I love when I backtrack and either eat a lot of candy or skip working out and realize that my body feels so much better when I keep up on those things.

    Good luck finding a new job!

  2. It’s worthy goal! I’ve heard an ounce of water per pound of weight is a good way to start. A gallon is 128 ounces. My Nalgene bottle holds 32 ounces, so I knew to drink 4 bottle full. It helps a lot to flavor the water, and there are vitamin and fiber supplements you can flavor the water with AND benefit from. 🙂 Let me know how it goes — and yes, you WILL go the bathroom a lot!! But it gets better with time. It’s totally worth it.

    I used to be the person who never drank water. It was ridiculous.

    Thanks for wishing me luck — I need it!

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