I just felt like walkin’

I just got back from a lovely walk.

In the rain.

For an hour.

Yep, I really did just need a walk. You see, as usual, I have a lot on my mind.

I tried to have my dog join me on the walk, but he forgot his rain coat and umbrella, so he got as far as the end of the driveway, which is about 25 feet from the front door, and cried “Uncle.” So I put him back in the house.

It’s amazing the good a walk will do you. Or, me, in this case, as I am talking about my own walk, not yours. Not that your walk isn’t interesting, I just can’t describe your walk. Of course, I include “you” to make you feel involved. Do you feel involved? However you answer, good.

Today is the day Auntie Flo starts her visit me. (TMI? Sorry, my blog bad.) Oh, how I wanted to eat something greasy and lie down today. And whine. But, I sucked it up and felt sick like I always do. So I already had some pent-up angst coursing through my body (HA!), and I am certainly chained to my desk these days as our decision letters go out in two days. I typically sit at my desk anyway, but this time of year we are not only at our desks but we also have to close our office doors to onlookers. We need ourselves some privacy. I get cabin fever this way, though, so having to sit down all day and having Auntie Flo arriving, I just knew I’d need to do some moving today after work.

I’ve been very faithful to my LOR. Extremely so. It’s the craziest Lent for me, ever, in terms of how I’ve stuck with this. I don’t usually have four things I’m trying to do or give up. I have had very few occasions where I didn’t reach my goal; in fact, it’s kind of difficult to not reach my goals. Do I need to up the ante even more?

I have really enjoyed the walking aspect. I especially have enjoyed several multiple-mile walks with our dog, Hunter. He usually isn’t walk-able. He’s finally gotten over the idea of wanting to attack other neighborhood dogs we pass because he experienced something unpleasant: by going nutso, he was, in effect, choking himself on his own collar. I know some dogs would still go nutso anyway, but Hunter wised up almost immediately, which is a huge relief as I had wanted for him to be able to go on walks with us for years, but I frankly gave up after so many failed attempts. Finally, I decided I needed to give this another go, and the miraculous self-correcting occurred and I can mostly take him with me when I go on my daily walk. Some days he has other things on his mind, like not walking beyond the edge of the driveway like today, and I have to put him back in the house. I’ve noticed that any time this happens, he is more than willing to join me the next time I go walk, as he absolutely hates to be left behind.

I feel that I’ve gotten to know our side of the neighborhood really well. I’m starting to recognize when things have changed, like flowers blooming that first started coming out of the ground a few weeks ago, a new flag, a strange dog wandering around I’ve never seen, things like that. Today it was like a ghost town as no one was out walking in the rain with me. I let my introverted side enjoy the solitude as I traversed the streets.

Things I observed today:

1. On one street, I noticed that maybe it had started to storm. I thought I heard some thunder. Then I realized the “thunder” had a repetitious rhythm, which I took to be someone’s stereo system cranking out heavy bass. Then, as I got closer to the source, I realized there was more to the sound, and finally realized there was band rehearsing inside the house I was passing. So cool! I couldn’t hear much beyond the drums and bass guitar, but every now and then, I could hear a lead guitar and some vocals. This thrilled me to no end to make this discovery, but I can’t really explain why. I guess it’s just the discovery aspect. This neighborhood is full of musicians, which makes me love it all the more.

2. There is a super-adorable red house tucked away on a dead-end street I had never seen before. Well, I think I saw it with a different paint color, and without its updated stylings. It is a sizable house, yet it seemed cozy all the same. It made me want to paint our house red immediately.

3. One house I passed didn’t have any cars in the driveway, and it is our exact floor plan. There are probably 5-10 houses in our ‘hood with our floor plan, some with basements, some without. This one was without a basement, like ours, and I unintentionally stared at it as I strolled by, realizing some differences between our house and this one. I passed it, continued down the street, and made a U-turn to head back home, which meant I passed this house again. I noticed the room above the bay window on this house had a single window, and ours is double. I think this house is slightly smaller than ours, but it could just be my own pride in our house making me think that. Then I noticed the blinds in one of the upstairs windows were kind of askew, the way they are when someone’s looking out of them. I stopped looking at the house. A moment later I looked back and yet another window’s blind’s were askew. Clearly I had made someone inside uncomfortable with all my staring. Whoops, I guess someone was home after all!

4. There’s something about the rain that makes all the springtime flowers even more beautiful. Maybe all the saturation of water brings out a different element of their color and beauty.

5. No one walks in the rain. But, if you do, it’s good to have both a rain jacket and an umbrella, as I did today. Good planning.

6. I wondered if anyone was wondering why in the world I was out walking in the rain. Like, people sitting inside or driving past me. I figured if they really wanted to know, I’d answer similarly to Forest Gump when he was questioned about his running: I just felt like walkin’. End of story.

It was a lovely walk, indeed.

In other news, I had my first voice lesson last night with my new instructor. He’s fabulous! He’s going to make me work hard, and his approach and technique are so very different from my last instructor. And I have to tell you what I found out about him: guess what he does, either on the side, or maybe for a living? He’s an Elton John impersonator!!!! I didn’t have the guts to share my knowledge of this facet of his life. It’s just too much, though, how good he is at the impersonation. I don’t want him to know yet that I know, so I’ll refrain from posting the YouTube link. For now.

Also in other news, I get to go to prom on Saturday night. I know. You are so totally jealous.  Josef’s going to play the role of my boyfriend, or maybe the guy I shacked up with.  It should be interesting! It’s at the school, and it’s steps away from my office, so I imagine I’ll scoot into my office every now and then. Some of the senior girls I know already filled me in that it’s awkward for them when the adult chaperones try to hang out with them during prom. All good — I was planning to watch from a safe distance anyway.

Bathroom update:

Closet, complete with Ikea shelf we built IN the closet as we couldn't build it AND move it in there!
The Master Bedroom gets an Ikea shelf, too. Oooooh, Ahhhhhh!
Don't the floors look pretty? Doesn't the trim look crisp? Aren't you loving the pale blue? I know we are.
Messy, messy, messy but pretty, pretty, pretty! If you look closely, you can see the entrance to the guest bathroom and how its floor is the same as the master bath's floor.
The tile guy is all done! He was super-efficient and gathered no moss getting this project done!
And, behold, the pièce de résistance, our shower!

A few minor do-it-ourselves touching up is left, and Josef and I have some more trim work to paint. He’s been patching the walls the last few days in the places where the walls needed work. We’re 99.99% done and we will be back to our old way of living but in a totally new style. I sort of feel like our old stuff – furniture, clothing, etc., isn’t good enough for this space! But, as we’re most definitely out of money, the old stuff will have to do for now! 🙂 Phew!

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a nice walk sometime soon, too.


4 thoughts on “I just felt like walkin’

  1. I went for a walk today too! The first one of the “spring” season up here in Boston, as it hit a balmy 50 degrees high today. 🙂 It was wonderful to walk along the Charles River. Alas, snow is expected to come on Friday and spring will be delayed another few weeks.

    Miss you!

  2. If the white shelving in your closet is new, beware, don’t put too many clothes on it. We had most of them at one time or another come crashing down & of course, in the middle of the night. Talk about rude awakening!! We finally got the Rubbermaid system, pricey but I absolutely love it!!!

    Looking awesome!!

    On the walking front, we can almost go out & walk, after my foot heals some (tried smashing my ankle the other day :-)) and the ice/snow finishes leaving us, puhleeezzzzeee!!!

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