Oooooh, weee! What Up With That?

In case you haven’t become acquainted with it, here’s the blog title reference:

What Up With That?

What I’m referencing, by thinking about “What Up With That?” personally, is an examination met with surprise with where I see my interests taking me as well as NOT taking me. I don’t know if I am suddenly clear-minded or crazy, but it seems to me that a lot of stuff is suddenly making a lot of sense to me.

I think it’s because I’ve been given a lot of time to think the last few weeks and my Lenten Observation Routine (a.k.a. LOR) forces me to spend time with my own thoughts in a structured way, as a opposed to idle thoughts that led to nowhere but frustration as has happened time and time again in the past.

Here are some of my thoughts, in no particular order:

1. I really don’t miss my singing group. I miss the people. I miss the music. But the two together? No. Don’t miss driving to rehearsal. Don’t miss being frustrated at rehearsal. Don’t miss being pissed off at people who weren’t pulling their weight. Don’t miss feeling like I was letting everyone down when I wasn’t feeling like doing things I thought I should be doing as a leader of the group. Ultimately, I believe I have really made up my mind. As much as I would have laughed at the idea of quitting a year ago when I first got an inkling I was actually unhappy, I feel so much better not prioritizing my life around it.

2. Just because you free up some time in your life, doesn’t mean your life is suddenly empty. Shoot — I am still busy! But it’s great because I can now pour my energy into activities that actually interest me. I have experienced the strengthening of friendship with two neighbors in the matter of weeks simply by being around to go on a walk with them! I’ve gotten more in touch with my neighborhood because I was able to go to the neighborhood meeting last week.

3. Even though I feel like I haven’t lost any weight, I feel better now that I am walking, drinking so much water, and sticking with a plan. Even though my overall plan is just to do this LOR for 47 days, I have a tendency to add things as it makes sense. I have started recording beside my LOR chart each day a tiny list of events that happened that day as well as my overall mood. I’ve thought about journaling my food intake, too. I have put myself under a microscope, so to speak!

4. Even spiritually, I have put myself under a microscope. I love reading the daily lectionary. It’s really cool to see how my mood and issues weighing on my mind shape how I read the Bible. I can honestly say this because the Psalms repeat really frequently, and even though I know I read that self-same Psalm last week, I am looking at it totally differently this week. Also, I feel this structure is episodic – I am following just a portion of a book of a Bible each day, so it’s like watching three shows and picking up where I left off yesterday. This is a great, manageable, interesting chunk of my faith each day to digest. I feel I am really living my faith, walking closer to God.

5. Along with fringe benefits like becoming closer to my friends in my ‘hood and feeling healthier, I feel better able to tackle some matters at hand. I got my dog to stop going nutso on walks when he encountered other dogs. But now, I don’t think he likes walks, so I have to figure that one out next. I feel that having this problem is interesting rather than frustrating. I don’t feel down on myself about it like I would have in the past.

6. I am better able to act on things that draw my attention. I’ve found a new voice teacher who sounds amazing. I’ve applied for an internal position at work. I’m considering dropping more activities to possibly change careers if I am hired for this other position at work. I’m excited about other possibilities for me at work as well as some other locations. But I have faith that God will guide me to the correct action. For some reason, one job possibility my mother-in-law sent me did not strike me as interesting, when a year ago I would have already submitted my resume.

7. Also in the feeling better category: aside from getting up to pee at night because I am drinking a gallon or more of water each day, I am sleeping better. I feel refreshed. I don’t really feel as though I need caffeine when I get to work, so I usually serve myself some coffee to enjoy the flavor, and then I rarely finish it. Also, I am disinclined to drink as many alcoholic beverages. It’s difficult for me to drink an entire glass of wine at dinner on weekend night, whereas in the past, I would have had at least two. It’s as though (and is probably the case) my body feels caffeine and alcohol are toxins.

8. This is almost 100% a happy post. I am happy I am not perfect, that I have stuff to keep working on. This was my mission when I set out on this blog — to live lightly and laugh often, right? I feel like my current practices have me honoring that so much better than my old ways.

This is just two weeks in on the LOR. I totally realize that I am a creature of habit and that once Lent is over, I’ll possibly lapse and be bored with this routine I’ve established. I do miss HGTV very much, but I also feel I’ve gained so much by having time to do things and I know that these healthy practices will continue to pay off big time.

In renovation news, our new tile guy started today! Hooray!!! Yipeee!!!!

Yeah, he rocks. What I thought would take him several days he did in one day. He’s not done, but he is what my boss would call “kickin’ butt and takin’ names.”

Last time we checked in with the progress of the bathroom, we were here:

Bathroom how the old tile guy left it

Within the last 10 hours (this morning through now), we are now here:

AH-mazing progress!!

Here’s another shot:

So pretty!!!!

And, look, he was able to get this done, too!

Shower floor and curb - DONE

This is astonishing progress. Josef kept me posted all day with updates about what the new tile guy had accomplished. He sent me pics, too, and each one made my heart a little fluttery and lighter. What an amazing feeling to see the finish line edging closer and closer, and so rapidly! What a blessing this guy can work so quickly. He was certainly worth the wait, and I think he’s worth his weight in gold, so far!

I’ll keep ya posted when he’s grouted and done more.


4 thoughts on “Oooooh, weee! What Up With That?

  1. You’re right, this was a happy post! And can I just say that I love me some Al Gore. I’m glad he embraced making fun of himself on tv. He appears on Futurama a few times and he always cracks me up.

    I’m glad you’re able to put your music group (and work) into perspective. Sometimes that step back is all you really need to look at things in your life objectively.

    Sounds like you’re in a really great place right now! Have you been filling up your previous tv time with walking time?

    1. Yeah, Al Gore is a funny dude. I love that he was on SNL!

      I’ve been filling up my time will all sorts of things: yes, walking. Also, lots of cleaning. Laundry each day. Talking on the phone. Blogging. Reading. Making plans. My plate definitely feels full in my life sans tv.

  2. Glad that things are going so well, and the bathroom looks GREAT! Take it from me, the first shower in your new shower will be the best shower you ever take. (can I fit shower into that sentence a few more times?)

    1. Haha, I can’t wait!!! I really want to see your bathroom. And your shower. And then you can see my showers. And then we’ll talk about showers. (Trying to catch up to you with mentioning the shower.)

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