The Plan

I realize this topic probably isn’t exciting to read, but I have decided on four facets of my life I want to spend the season of Lent improving.

1. I plan to drink a gallon of water each day. Yep, many bathroom trips are in my future. I want to do this because a few years back I made it my goal to drink two Nalgene bottle’s worth of water each day and actually wound up drinking four, which equates to a gallon. I want to drink all this water to cleanse out impurities from my system as well as help to keep food off my mind. I know it has helped before with both of these things. Also, as a singer, drinking water is a no-brainer way to take care of my voice and yet I generally neglect my voice in this way. Which is a bad idea. Also, water inherently reminds me of my baptism, and so I want to celebrate that aspect of my faith.

2. I plan to walk a mile each day. This is also on my list for both healthy lifestyle as well as religious reasons. I have fallen off the wagon with regard to exercise. It’s, simply-put, ridiculous that I don’t know when I last exercised for real. A mile is basically nothing to me, as I love walking, yet it’s a lot to suddenly add this to my life because I simply haven’t been walking in quite a while. The faith-based part is to signify the 40 years wandering in the wilderness experienced by the Israelites upon their leaving Egypt. While that’s not really related to Lent, it’s a good symbol for me as I feel like I am currently wandering in the wilderness. Specifically related to Lent, and reason for the number of days in Lent is that Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness immediately following his baptism. So in a way I will spend my 40 days considering baptism (see #1) as well as wandering, but not in the wilderness of the desert but of my mind. It will be good to have an excuse to give myself to go for a walk — because I want to achieve this goal I have set for myself and really want to try this literal interpretation.

3. I will not watch TV. This will be really difficult, but I see this as the single most source of distraction for me. It keeps me from doing things I should be doing. I watch way more than I would admit. It’s embarrassing how much time I waste each week staring at the TV. So I am freeing myself from distraction. Freeing myself up so I have time I claim I don’t have.

4. Read the Lectionary text. I have never read the Lectionary text, which the church publishes as a way to keep congregations on the same page, so to speak. I also feel that I haven’t been a good Bible reader since early in college. Completing this task each day will be the biggest challenge of them all, as I am the least disciplined in this area. I see this practice as a way of strengthening my mind as well as my heart, both of which feel really burdened right now. There are some places of hurt and heartbreak I need to address, so I feel that I am not only reading, but also taking time to sit, reflect, and just be.

I am up to this challenge! Except for TV, I am not giving up anything but instead taking up some practices that I hope will have some spill-over benefits. I have a chart I will use to keep track. I am notorious for starting something ambitious and not completing it, but I really want to do this. Wednesday is my starting line.


3 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. My bible reading (and prayer time in general – yikes!) has suffered a lot over the past couple years. I used to journal all the time, and that’s where I did a good portion of prayer time each day, and that would lead to prayer already on my mind the rest of the day. To sound totally lame and like an 11 year old girl, I didn’t want to journal anymore because I didn’t want my husband to read it. And it’s not that there’s anything in there I don’t want him to know, it’s just embarrassing having mypersonal thoughts splayed on a page and having them read. Last month my husband bought me a beautiful new bible (long overdue–I tend to be the person that goes, “Well, I already have a bible. I don’t need another one!”) and this weekend I bought myself a beautiful, fun new journal, which Jesse promised he would not read. 🙂 Silly as it is.

    Regarding watching tv, ever since I started knitting, I hate watching tv without multitasking. I feel so useless if I’m not either crafting or knitting something. (The exception is certain movies, especially if I haven’t seen them before. Some people love to knit at the actual movie theatre and I’m like, no way! I don’t want to miss half the film.)

    I mentioned the knitting because the whole sitting in front of the tv for hours on end was really starting to get to me, and I felt that I was stifling my creativity and productivity. Now I don’t (usually) feel guilty about it at all! I love that we’ll be in the middle of a tv show and I’ll finish the hat I’ve been working on for Jesse and hand it over to him. So rewarding!

    I think your goals sound great.

    1. Thanks for sharing!! I am the same way about sharing my thoughts. I have journals of thoughts that I’d rather not actually share, either. It’s great that you’re getting back into it!

      So, as sad as June’s post was today, I had to laugh at your comment, because I am Presbyterian. I guess you better watch out for me! I actually have a story from my own childhood that is related to yours. When we were out in California (I’m from South Carolina) once, when I was about 10 years old, I was aware that the community was full of folks from Mexico. When I saw a sign that ready “PED XING” I felt proud of myself for recognizing and understanding (thanks to the illustration!) “Spanish!” Uh, no. 🙂

      What is your fun new journal like?? There’s so much possibility in a journal: sketching, taking notes at meetings, planing Lent (ha ha), etc.

      I think it’s awesome that you knit. I would love to get into that again. My neighbor friend and I knitted at a neighborhood meeting once. It was awesome. I can only knit – I cannot purl! I see a new goal, probably for the fall — that’s usually something I crave trying when it’s getting colder out. My neighbors and I (not including the one I mentioned) want to learn how to sew so we can make our own curtains and clothes. 🙂

  2. Ooo, you Presbyterians! I’m glad you enjoyed my comment. June’s post was so sad 😦

    The new journal has owls on the front (I’m not the biggest owl fan, but I am liking the owl faze every one is in right now! So cute) and the pages are mostly lined, but some have pictures on them so that I will write over images. I was looking through my last journal last night and I’m so glad I’m picking it back up again. There were song lyrics in there, poems, quotes from books… It was so refreshing!

    Oh, knitting in the fall is the best. I like it even more than knitting in the winter! It feels so homey.

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