Well, Now What?

March has been a doozy, and it’s just begun.

I sang at the performance with my singing group at a wedding in a town west of Atlanta. Of 14 members, only 6 of us were there and yet we pulled together and sang beautifully. There were a few tearful goodbyes between me and some of the members who were there. They really don’t like the prospect of the group without me, and don’t even want me to be on sabbatical. I did have a moment where I was hanging out with the five other girls before the wedding, and I had the thought flash through my mind that “these girls know and love me. In a way, these are my people.” Even so, I don’t know that I need to stay. I suppose that’s the idea of the sabbatical.

Stepping back from thr group has not freed up as much time as I thought it would.

We’re still in the midst of our renovation. I almost feel nomadic as we will still have to wait a bit longer to live in our normal configuration. But once that’s done, it will not only look really nice, but also a relief.

We attended a meeting this past week for the three neighborhoods (we are in one of them) that are so close together. The scope of the meeting was to discuss ways to come together as neighborhoods to reach out in service and social activities. The idea is that we create — or continue to create — as many opportunities as possible to improve our community. That’s an exciting and worthwhile prospect and it’s cool to see the great things that have come about over the last few years by those same efforts. Bleeding into the meeting though was the news that our police coverage, which is already really low, is going to be severely impacted by the expansion of our zone and only 20 more officers added to the coverage of our zone. Also, participation in our neighborhood patrol has dropped (we fell off the wagon but are now back on!). Unfortunately, we need the patrol because coverage is already ridiculously low. And now because of the expansion of the zone, it will be lower. So, not only are we paying taxes to have minimal police coverage, we are paying out of pocket for additional coverage for our neighborhood patrol. So, that’s weighing on me. We’re attending a meeting this coming week for community reaction to the zone expansion. It will not be a pleasant meeting.

In some good news, it will be a light work week, so that will feel nice.

I’m working on some new goal-setting. Lent starts Wednesday so I have a deadline to come up with my new goal. Maybe there’s some 40-step day-by-day thing I could try. Hmm, I see a google search in my future.


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