The Catch-all Update

Even though I have a headache and am really sleepy, I need to do this post now because I know I won’t have time to do this until Monday otherwise.


Behold, the Pajama Jeans

Pros: They are pretty durn comfy. They are soft, look exactly like jeans from at least 2 feet away, and they fit very nicely. Josef says they fit nicely in all the right places. They have successfully passed for actual jeans in public twice. I think they’re like thicker jeggings, as they are a stretchy blend of cotton and spandex.

Cons: They took a really long time to arrive. Even though I am sure there is a reason, it is just really odd that it takes 4-6 weeks (6 weeks in this case) for them to arrive. They aren’t furniture or a commissioned art piece. Weird. Also, they are a bit too long for me. Like, really at least 4 inches. Does one get one’s Pajama Jeans tailored? Seems anti-Pajama Jeans mentality to get them hemmed! I know they cost Josef $40. I do not know yet if that’s a fair price. I mean, in some respects, they were worth the wait and it’s funny to be wearing something that looks like something else (like a tuxedo t-shirt, for instance).

I have to say, I get very, very warm when I sleep, and I don’t foresee myself sleeping in these. Maybe if I went camping and was sleeping outside, they’d be kinda perfect, and if 31 year-olds went to sleepovers, maybe there, too, but these will be good for passing off as jeans and lounging in. Which is the whole point, I think.

I wore them to my a cappella rehearsal and made it through most of the rehearsal before I spilled the beans. No one could believe they weren’t jeans.

Next update, the bathroom renovation:

For those of you who are not friends with my husband on Facebook, here’s his album, which may or may not be public:!/album.php?aid=2093138&id=1022923784

And here’s an array of pics I pulled from it. Some before and after shots.

Before – red, red, everywhere.

This was taken when we were househunting. We do not have a creepy clown picture over our toilet. Guess the old owner needed some weird inspiration around him? Dunno. Anyhoo, here’s the same perspective now, minus the red walls and wood floor and cultured marble vanity top.

Ahhhhhh. Much better. Much calmer. I feel so zen already! And here are some general vicinity shots, minus the plastic drapes.

I’m so happy we chose to have the tile placed diagonally. I made a big stink about it and I am glad I did. It just makes such a nice impression and cuts up all the right angels.

Different perspective:


edge of tub and shower, privacy half wall

And, now:

Josef has this to say:

So we’re at a bit of a break before the contractor returns next week to finish the tiling around the tub and in the shower. All the orange stuff is the waterproofing membrane. It’s going to look soooo good!

We’re going to get an estimate on hardwood installation in the master bedroom this weekend as well as the delivery and installation of our new granite vanity top. So this will be something else I’ll update about.

Last update:

Decision about indecision. How to bow out gracefully without hurting feelings? I don’t think it’s possible. Still contemplating a graceful exit from my singing group. I keep thinking about all the things I’d like to do if I weren’t spending so much time on being in this group. I love all these girls, but the experience no longer brings me the joy that it did, which is the long and short of it. Will I miss it? Of course. Will I hate having to break the news? Of course. I just don’t know when is the best time to do it. I know some members will take it very hard, others will be respectful. I have realized it’s not about moving on to bigger and better things, but rather about making more time for myself. Even if my therapy experience sucked last year, she did say that I squelch myself too much. And I think what I have been doing in my group is squelching myself a lot more than I realized. I always yielded to those with very strong opinions and only started having strong opinions recently after I realized I wasn’t as invested as I thought I should be (which was the other reason I realized I was ready to move on). I made a list of cons which I will not share but they did validate all my feelings and helped me dump the burden of so many thoughts out of my head.

Now, I just need to figure out if this is a short term, rip the band aid off type move or if I will set a deadline a few months from now (perhaps coinciding with the end of the school year) and see if I still feel the same and decide the decision is made indeed. Honestly, I think I will never quit if I don’t do it soon.

I haven’t talked with anyone in the group about it because they are too close to the source and I feel they’ll take it all really personally. I wish I could tell them all at once, personally one on one, but not by email. I sincerely want to be friends with all of them after I go, but I am not betting that they will all still want to hang out and stuff if I am basically rejecting the thing that brings us to together. Ugh.

So, you’re all caught up now! A few more parting shots of the renovation to enjoy:

The new closet light. The old one was just a smallish dome light that hung ridiculously over the clothes rather than over the center of the walkway and left everything else in the shadows. Now we'll be able to position one of the eight very bright lights in the direction of our choosing!
I just like this pic of Josef painting.

The paint, by the way, is Behr’s Delicate Mist. It’s going to be in our master bedroom, too.  Below, we tried five samples, none of which we’d originally picked up until we got the brilliant idea of actually (*GASP*) taking the mosaic tile sample WITH us to Home Depot.

Delicate Mist is the 2nd from the right (or 4th from the left)

Last, here’s a shot of our almost completed guest bath. It got the tile treatment, too. We now hate the paint color we so lovingly chose. Oh, well! We are very good at painting, so what’s a redo every now and then?

Just needs its baseboards back and a new color of paint. We want to do a nicer vanity top in here eventually and may have a DIY tiling project in our future, now that we have seen how the professional does it!

I want to tell you all how awesome Josef is at managing this project. He’s the keeper of the finances, interviewed a lot of contractors, most of them on his own, and he did almost all of the demo by himself to save money. He went out and bought all of the material, has made several returns and exchanges, and has really made this project as awesome as it’s been, and it’s not even over! Each day brings along more progress, so by March, we will have a lovely new master suite to call our own. We’re probably going to throw one of our famous parties there. I can just see us filling up the tub with ice to serve drinks, passing appetizers, etc., because we will want everyone to come over and see it! Everyone’s been so complimentary on facebook and it’s fun to see everyone so excited about the end result!


2 thoughts on “The Catch-all Update

  1. 3 things:

    1. Totally jealous of the pj jeans. And I think if you paid more for them than you’d pay for pj’s you can definitely have them hemmed.

    2. Also jealous of the bathroom(s). They’re looking sooooo great!

    3. If you’re not happy with your singing group than quit it now. Tell them at the next meeting or something. You deserve to be happy with EVERYTHING you do in your life and if this is no longer fulfilling to you than you should stop and NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.

    That’s all except that I miss you tons and really really seriously hope to get to ATL to see you soon.

    Ok #4: if you have a party and serve cold drinks out of your tub I am sooooo there!!!

    Love you!

  2. I’m jealous of your remodeling. Living in apartments is starting to wear on me because I’d like to have more creativity when it comes to the colors and design. But I know this is just a waiting period until Jesse and I are at a place that we can have our own home for me to destroy and put back together again 🙂

    And I think those jeans look awesome! Well, pajama jeans. I’m glad they’re comfy!

    I’m 100% with Kelly, you need to get the quitting over with. You’re really beating yourself up about it, and you gotta remember that the whole reason you’re doing this is for YOU! They group’s success is not solely dependent on you being in it (not that you aren’t an important addition, of course). If friendships fall apart from it, it’s going to happen whether you quit now or whether you quit in 3 months. The only difference will be that you’ll have focused on how unhappy you are with it for a lot longer. If they can’t see that you are doing this because it’s weighing down on you and that you have other things in your life to pursue towards, then maybe it’s not such a big deal if they aren’t in your life anymore. You don’t need people to bring you down! And if you’re anything like me, I always feel like I’m the one who needs to maintain relationships with people. I started letting go a while ago when I realized that some friendships were really one sided and that if they wanted to start something up again, they had lots of ways of contacting me. It was hard for me to realize that some people apparently weren’t interested in maintaining a friendship with me, but so what? Life goes on, and I have better friends anyhow.

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