Hot and Cold

For Show and Tell today, here’s a video of me, singing one of my solos with my a cappella group. It’s an older video and my hair is really, really long, and I’ve improved vocally since (but it’s easy to be critical of one’s own singing) but, here it is all the same:


Still on fence with regard to continuing on with that group. Seven years is a loooooooong time to devote to a group. I love the girls in the group and I love singing with them all, but I just feel ready to move along. Even more so than before.  This is old news to you. I should just hush. I should have someone singing Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” to me as that’s how I feel, changing my mind like a girl changes clothes and all (and I do change clothes a lot!! Once in college I counted myself changing clothes 7 times, for no good reason – wasn’t a day when I had a sorority function or class presentation, just felt like changing clothes!!)

Oh, and I finally heard from my voice teacher today. As one of my guesses was that he’s been really busy, I was partially right in guessing why I hadn’t heard from him. And he had a bad thing happen, too, which prevented him from coming to the party. And he wants to start up lessons again. So I guess all is well, but I wish I could have heard from him sooner. Not that I’ve found a new voice teacher or anything, but it was a rough time not hearing anything at all from him after not being cast.

Okay, time to get off the topic of myself. Am sick of dwelling on self.

We’re renovating the bathroom, as you know, from reading posts down below. Or, if you haven’t, read down below and you’ll see that we’re renovating our master bathroom, changing out the floor in the guest bathroom, and changing out the floors in the master bedroom. We also have had a Squirrel Problem in the midst of our renovation starting up, and I think we finally may have resolved it. I can devote an entire, probably dull, post about the Squirrel Problem, but just know they are in our attic, we had the trees trimmed outside to deny their access, it wasn’t enough, we cut down another tree (I know. 😦 ) and now we’ve had professional squirrel removers come, which means their ultimate demise. I used to think squirrels were cute, but now I know how gross they are and that I don’t want them shackin’ up in our attic. With all their fleas and poop and diseases, probably. GROSS.

So, due to said Squirrel Problem (I have no idea why that bears capitalization, it Just Does, Okay?), we have spent some money we hadn’t intended to spend solving it. That money was SUPPOSED to be in our renovation budget, so to save a bit of dough (oh, and we’ve bought some pretty shiney things for the bathroom we hadn’t planned on either, furthering the need to save dough), Josef has started doing a bunch of the demo himself. And I’ve helped about 5% of the time he’s been working on it. He’s such a champ. And we get the dumpster on Saturday, and the contractor starts on Monday, so it’s really happening!!

(And, Twelvedaysold, all is good, he’s legit and has done work for people we know! Thank you for your advice!!)

We’re looking forward to a pretty, shiny bathroom in the near future. For now, our house looks like it belongs on one of those Hoarders shows. Man, it’s difficult living with stuff on top and beside of all the other stuff. Will go crazy if this lasts too long. Josef and I have a happy marriage now, but just wait until we have spent the next month in the tight confines of all our crap and fumes from the renovation and the barking dog (who just got a bath today, so he smells soooooo much better!) and the busting of the renovation budget (only kidding!)… yeah, it’s going to be a crazy month. But, it will all be so pretty and worthwhile and we’re really excited to see the progress once it gets started.

We’re also looking forward to life calming down eventually. My busy season at work is NOW, hence my ability to help Josef 5% of the time. 🙂 We’re hoping to make it to Helen, Georgia for a fun time there beyond Oktoberfest. We miss Germany (well, Bavaria/Munich) so much!

For now, I will get my European fix by watching House Hunters International on HGTV. (They are set up on the DVR, yes sir.) I love the city views, seeing how parts of Poland remind me of parts of Hungary, etc. How I could just pick up and go at a moment’s notice. As long as the new bathroom can come with us, of course. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Speaking of changing clothes, as I was saying several paragraphs ago, I am hoping any day to be in receipt of these, as given to me by Josef on my birthday. They were not available yet, as it takes a ridiculous 4-6 weeks of delivery to get them. Why? Are they made by magical elves on the Pajama Jean Island? Does Peggy make them and we have to save up enough reward points? Or, is it the free gray crew neck t-shirt that holds up the production line? Geez, I can get one of those at Old Navy any day of the week, just send me my freakin’ Pajama Jeans so I can start fooling everyone into thinking I’m wearing jeans while I am actually being totally lazy!!!! On the double!!! (Thanks, sweetie!)


2 thoughts on “Hot and Cold

  1. Those pajama jeans are hilarious! You’ll have to let us know if they’re all they boast of being.

    Ugh. I used to like raccoons. And then they moved under my high school home and they just aren’t as cute as I thought they were. I could see the same thing happening with squirrels, easy!

    And I’m glad about your contractor! 🙂

  2. I remember the days when we would change outfits 5 or 6 times! I think you started doing it and then I started doing it to be cool like you! 🙂
    Exciting news about the renovation! Can’t wait to see pictures! Love you!

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