This post is dedicated in part to my college roommate, Rachel, from whom I learned so much. Her birthday is two weeks to the day before my own and I certainly look to her guidance as a someone who has gone before me, even if it’s a mere two weeks chronologically.

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday.

That is really weird to write.

But, I know it’s true. I was born in 1980 and it’s now 2011.

As I was telling Josef, I feel like I am in my mid-20s. I’m old enough to know better yet young enough to feel young and vivacious. I hope I can always say this is the age I feel!

So, Rachel wrote recently about 30 things she’d learned while she was 30. I think it’s going to be difficult! So here goes my own list, which is a collection of realizations as well.

1. I came to the realization that I am ready to go in a new direction with singing.

2. I am every bit as much in love with Josef as the day I realized I loved him ten and a half years ago.

3. Snow days are fun, but snow weeks are not.

4. I am tired of drama. Especially when it comes to having to deal with things that are not really worth getting upset about in the first place.

5. I am not talented at promoting things. I hope to get better at that. At least, promoting things for my a cappella group. (See Number 1) I have tried. I have really tried.

6. I enjoy cutting out snowflakes. I am good at it. Reminds me of my childhood.

7. I do not handle multiple layers of stress well. They say a clean conscience makes a soft pillow, and I think a soft pillow is experienced also by those who aren’t stressed out.

8. I enjoy Christmas, but I like the way the house looks so clean and bigger when Christmas has gone back into its boxes.

9. I am addicted to my smart phone. I love being able to research things and check statuses on facebook. I even like blogging on my phone.

10. I need to volunteer more. It makes me feel so much better to help others rather than dwell on myself.

11. I get really angry when those with strong opinions hurt others who are deemed weaker.

12. I have been feeling patriotic but politically apathetic for the last while. I think I need to start caring more about local politics.

13. I don’t think many people I know read this blog. I gets a lot of hits per day, though! According to wordpress, my blog is on fire!

14. I have good ideas that help others. That makes me happy.

15. I really, really want to be in a play this year.

16. I really want more free time.

17. I really want to get a treadmill and train Hunter to walk on it!

18. I love going to see Josef’s grandmother. I have enjoyed getting to know others out there where she lives. I have learned from these experiences out there.

19. I have learned to value stuff less and less. This is due in part to helping Josef’s parents clean out his grandparents’ very full basement. I don’t want to put my children in that position.

20. I need to seek clear career advice. I think there may be a venue for that at my church.

21. I am very grateful that Josef has opportunities for career advancement. I am proud of him!

22. I like wine better than beer or cocktails. But I am trying to get white instead of red in social situations due to the massive mouth staining.

23. I miss devoting a great deal of time to reading.

24. Getting a manicure makes filing and dealing with paper at work a whole lot easier. Plus, it looks pretty!

25. As I have mentioned before, I am ready for a change in my life’s scenery. As long as it’s good change.

26. God’s love is bigger than everything.

27. I have wonderful friends and family (including that into which I married). Really wonderful friends and family!

28. I love event planning, even though it is stressful. But I am always sad when events are over.

29. Time is passing way too quickly. In a general sense. This frightens me sometimes.

30. Today is, as cheesy as it sounds, the first day of the rest of my life.


2 thoughts on “31

  1. Hey, good list! It’s nice to see you motivated about your future. I just turned 24, and the good old days of always being the youngest are slipping away from me, and I feel totally fine with that. I’ve always been the person to say, “What’s the big deal about 30?” Let’s hope I still feel that way when 30 rolls around.

    Happy early birthday! Hope you get to do something extra fun.

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