I love my bike

I dreamed last night that I bought a bike.

It was from Target and it was in a box. Somehow my dream skipped from the part where it was in a box to the part where it was put together and I was riding it. Don’t you love the magic of dreams?

I rode my shiney new bike, and I might as well share that it’s been possible a decade since I last rode a bike and it had easily been a whole decade since I had ridden a bike prior to that time. In other words, not a big bike rider, here. The last time I rode a bike, I almost took out a man who was innocently doing some landscaping down at the beach. It was awful and I felt so incompetant as a bike rider. Never forget, schnever schnorget — they don’t know what they’re talking about! I clearly forgot!

Oh but it was so nice in my dream, coasting along and experiencing the effortless gliding on wheels that took me where I wanted to go.

There’s a website called 43 Things, where you can make a list of what you want to accomplish and it holds you accountable to goals you record there. Along with wanting to learn French (failure) and wake up when my alarm clock goes off the first time (double fail), I have listed re-learning how to ride a bike to my list. Even if I never achieve the other two, I would hope that I can ride a bike soon and get that to-do list item checked off. I recall either in my dream or when I first woke up that I could now safely check that item off, but, alas, I will have to keep it on the list still.

When we were in Budapest this past June, our friend Gabor and all his friends rode bikes everywhere. In fact, they were all part of a movement that had gotten the attention of the city, and they got bike lanes on some of the major roads through town. Gabor’s friend Levi was a treat to watch on his bike. It seemed an extension of himself, he exerted so much control over it. He did mindless tricks on it that would take a ton of time and dedication to learn how to do. He mused at one moment, “I love my bike.” 🙂 It was a sweet moment. The very next day I found a t-shirt that said “I love my bike” on it, but it was a girl shirt and Levi told me I should buy it. I wanted him to get it since his bike and he are so inseparable!

Maybe I will get a bike, which is a thought I’ve had for quite some time. My dad loves riding his bike, my friend Ashley is on Yale’s biking team, and the example of our bike-loving Budapest friends still holds a strong attraction for me to get started. Maybe I will one day soon say, “I love my bike!”


One thought on “I love my bike

  1. A couple years ago, a girlfriend of mine gave me her old bike. I hadn’t rode a bike in…well, a long time, not sure exactly, but it was SO FUN. It was like riding for the first time, except not actually having to learn it. I’ve since given the bike back to her, but I’m actually saving up for my perfect bike. I’m not much of a serious biker, but for leisure I find it a really great activity.

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