We had a wee accident in our master bathroom.

Luckily, not that kind of wee accident, but rather unluckily, the supply line to our toilet leaked onto our hardwood bathroom floor.

We’ve never been fans of the wood floor in our bathroom. We thought it was a poor choice from the moment we looked at the house. We would have liked to have had hardwoods in our bedroom, though, but the carpet in there was okay for the time being.

The toilet backs up (more potty humor!) to the side of the closet, so the carpet on the closet floor also hosted some of the supply line leak’s water.

Josef and both accidentally stepped in a soggy spot on the carpeted closet floor — barefoot– and we each thought our dog had had an accident there. Poor dog, getting blamed for peeing somewhere he didn’t. Except he HAS peed where he shouldn’t have peed before, so it was a likely conclusion.

On the left hand side of the toilet is a half wall with a ledge, making the toilet semi-private. The flooring in this area is now completely ruined by the leak. And of course there was water under the wall as well as in the closet.

So, what do Henschens do when something bad has happened?

We not only plan to fix the problem, but we plan to make the situation all the better!


What started with a leaking supply hose to the toilet has now become an entire bathroom renovation project!

Here’s what all we plan to do:

1. New floors, including the closet floor. Replacing the hardwoods in the bathroom and the carpet in the bathroom with a tile much like this one (Thassos white marble)

2. New tile in the shower and surrounding the bathtub. We picked this one:

3. While we’re at it, we might as well replace the cultured marble vanity top with a nice granite one. We’re close to making a decision about which of these we like best:

White Waves or Spray White Granite
Platinum Blue Granite

4. Paint the walls in our bathroom and bedroom. Probably a light blue with some gray in it. This pic shows a good representation of our overall color palate.

Blue walls like this.

5. Put hardwoods in our bedroom. Yippee!

6. We will also put the same tile in our guest bath.

7. Convert our toilets to dual flush using the kits we found at Home Depot. We wanted to replace the toilets entirely until we found this kit option for much, much less money.

Just so you can see a little bit of a before, here is our bathroom now:

Red Bathroom -- not much longer!
edge of tub and shower, privacy half wall

Here are pics of our supplies!

That last pic is of a BUNCH of tile samples. Josef and I now joke that everyone on our Christmas list is going to get a “Cheese Platter” from this pile of very nice, but not-needed, granite and marble tiles.

“You get a cheese platter,” we mimic. “And, YOU get a cheese platter!”

I’m only halfway kidding about this as a possible gift.

We are interviewing contractors for this renovation, and it’s definitely going to be difficult to decide. I wish we could do the job ourselves, but it’s definitely over our heads! The contractors have shown varying levels of people- and organization skills. All of them have been recommended by someone we know, so we feel good about working with someone that someone we know actually knows. You know, in case the person we choose chooses to screw us over we know who can find them! (Ugh, let’s hope not!)

It’s been interesting between Josef and me as we figure out these decisions. He’s the project manager, to be sure, as he has the spreadsheet going, makes the phone calls, has hosted most of the contractor visits, and has gone out to more of the granite shops when I’ve been working or singing or otherwise preoccupied.

I’m more of the HGTV influence when it comes to this project. Where can we get the most bang for our buck? Will our design appeal to future buyers? Are we using products that others will like? Are we going neutral enough in our color palate? Are there better choices out there? I have definitely vetoed many an idea based on these parameters.

What makes me feel good about our decisions is that we have agreed on everything we liked. We both really liked all of the materials we eventually picked. Phew!

I really wish cost and the preferences of future buyers weren’t factors.

I would love to have this granite as our vanity top, but we can’t afford it:

Blue Eyes

The colors in it are mostly neutral white, blacks, grays, and dark brown. It goes so perfectly with our design plan, but ultimately, it’s too expensive plus it might not appeal to some buyers.

Going to look at all these granites has felt like going to an art museum. The huge slabs are out in all these places for you to peruse their selection. Here’s an example of the typical warehouse set up:

A lot of the slabs are so pretty but just not the right color(s) for what we want. It actually has helped a lot to have a color palate to work off of, as that helped us eliminate a lot of choices we might have otherwise entertained.


2 thoughts on “Renovation

  1. Real quick, I work for a general contractor, and while all of these contractors you’re deciding on are recommended (which is great) be sure to check that they have a valid contractor’s license if you haven’t already. If you ask them, it should be an easy enough thing for them to prove that it’s current. I just know that in this economy some of our regular subs have had a hard time, and even if they are great in the past, it can go downhill fast. And a good sign for you is that they have a good contractor’s license. And there ends my rant because I work for a construction company

    To more important things, HOW FUN you’re redoing your bathroom! I’m so jealous of your tub. I’ve been living in apartments for 5 years and I can’t wait until I live in my own home and can have a tub that isn’t the size of a matchbox. However, we need to be able to afford a tub bigger than a matchbox 🙂

    Keep us updated on the makeover!

  2. This is great! Love the choices you’ve made so far (and am sooo jealous- I want to redo our bathroom too!!!). It’s going to be fabulous!

    And p.s. We have several “cheese platters” like that from when we were thinking of replacing our bathroom floor and I must say that we do use them quite a bit! Buy some sticky-backed felt and slap it on the back and they’re great!

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