Behind the Music

Thank goodness for DVR. I am now entirely impatient with tv shows that are currently playing on tv as I cannot fast forward during commercials.

So what do the shows Josef and I DVR say about us? Josef loves police shows, like Alaska State Troopers, Police Women of (whichever) County, and Bait Car. He also enjoys Operation Repo and World’s Toughest Fixes. I like to DVR Teen Mom, Mad Men, Glee, and other reality tv shows that might be a short series, like The City or HGTV Design Star. I keep forgetting until I get to the of Teen Mom that I would also like to DVR the show that comes on after it, If You Only Knew Me. But I typically watch Teen Mom many days later so I tend to forget to search for the times that other shows I’d like to DVR will be on. And for the record, I not only fast forward through commercials, I also fast forward through any part of any show that doesn’t seem interesting. On Teen Mom, I generally fast forward through Amber’s part bc you can get the jist of the story by watching it 3x faster.

Josef recorded a marathon of VH1’s Behind the Music. I think he didn’t realize they were being playes back to back at the time, but suddenly we had 7 or 8 in our DVR cue.

I have watched a few of them now and definitely feel inspired by them as they all seemed to have overcome really rough times and made huge personal sacrifices as they kept focused on their career as an entertainer. I thought it was humorous that J Lo was not known as the singer in her family — her sister was the singer, and J Lo was the athletic sister who danced. The artists on the series also had things that happened to them that could have ruined their reputations enough to end their careers, but they even overcame those obstacles in the grand scheme of things.

I applaud them all and admire them for staying so focused no matter what happened. I know other people I know have done this in their own careers, and it certainly paid off for them.

I can’t say that I have focused on a career to this point, but I can see a parralel within myself when I think about my faith in God. I have stayed focused and driven to believe despite the low valleys I have encountered. It’s definitely been worthwhile to have that backbone keeping me upright as I encountered so much in my 30 years.


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