Pinball Machine

Sorry, girlfriend, I have no time to talk.

See, I’ve been spending the last few weeks living the life of a crazy person masquerading as a calm, cool, and collected person.

That outside calmness is a lie!

Here’s my outside, to those who don’t know any better:

Part one – Ain’t nothin’ botherin’ this girl. I have it all under control. You might be stressed out, but I will exude calm so you can, too.

Nothing troubles me. I am unflappable. I would exclamation marks to express how calm I am, except that would belie my calmness.

Part two: SOOOOOO Happy (even though I am not always. I just don’t have time to think about it! So I’ll SMILE!)

I wish this was Hunter. Corgis are very talented at smiling. As am I. And thank goodness, because otherwise I don't know if I would want to be around me all the time.

Part three: soother of woes that others are exhibiting

OMG, Hobbes is sooo adorable. I would love to have a pet tiger. I love this picture though. I might have to print it out and put it up at work!
Don't worry/ About a thing/ 'Cuz every little thing/ Is gonna be alright

But the TRUTH is that I have been feeling like THIS inside and out:

And awaaaayyyy we gooooooooooo!!!!

I had every indication that August was going to be crazy at work. But it’s been much crazier than in the past. This summer (none of this is complaint about employment, just in case you’re wondering), I’ve been working between two departments, which already has had a physical pinball-like set up for me. Add to that since last week my new role as a senior adviser at school, which entails being in homeroom all year with the seniors as well as attending events related to this class. Add to that the start of my new cheerleading season. Whammy! It’s been wild!

What helps, as awful as it sounds in retrospect, is that everyone else is going through this right now, too. We’re all required to be doing so many different things that are all important and must be taken care of immediately, because that’s just how the start of the new school year is, no matter what your role is. I hope this means that we’re patient with each other!

Alright, must rest. I feel less guilty now that I have caught up on my blog, sort of. Now, to go get the “Flight of the Bumblebees” song out of my head!


One thought on “Pinball Machine

  1. Hey, I totally understand. Not sure if you follow my blog, but I had the week from hell, that didn’t start to look up until three days ago. I understand keeping calm on the outside, shaken up on the inside! Inhale, exhale. Soon enough it’ll calm down.

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