4 fingers pointing back at you

I had the phrase in my title on this post pop into my head because I’ve been pointing a finger at other people who write blogs that I like to read. I’ve been pointing my finger because a few of them have left me hanging! I want an update!

They can’t read my mind, though when I am pointing at their blogs and asking them to update. And, I guess if you’ve been thinking the same thing about my blog that I have been thinking about theirs, well, let me remind myself here that when you point a finger, you have four fingers pointing back at yourself (even though it’s really three, as the picture above illustrates). Given that I have some fingers pointing back at myself, here’s an update!

Even though I felt rotten about some issues a few weeks ago, I am feeling better. I feel like a changed person. I feel like my head is screwed on straight. No, I don’t have all the answers, and heck, I even have more questions than I did before, but at least I don’t feel like a massive failure as I was feeling. For now, at least, “Woah, is me” is not my mantra.

Those of you looking for a painting update are certain to be disappointed by my inability to work on it some more. It’s been put on the back burner, but just for now. It’s still going to happen, but a few other pressing issues have won out in the competition for my attention. Plus, I think I need to think some more about the direction it’s going. Then, I will make a decision and commit — and then post more pictures!

Last week, our neighbor loaned us his dog for the week, Sawyer the Dachshund. What a cutie! He is a “tweenie” in that his size falls in between the miniature and standard dachshund parameters, but he tends toward the mini-end of the spectrum. Hunter adores Sawyer and Sawyer adores Hunter, but they are not so good at expressing their feelings directly to each other.

But they are completely fine with being obsessed with being wherever I happen to be. Aside from a few interested sniffs from Sawyer and a few invitations to frap from Hunter, they remain close but aloof best buds. I liked having the littler guy around as I think it was great for Hunter to have some companionship.

In other news, we got rid of our green couch, chair, and ottoman! We sold it to a friend, and because she actually kept Hunter for us while we were away in Europe, I just didn’t have the heart to cash her check, knowing full well what a huge favor she was doing for us and that he would likely pee on something in her house, as he’s prone to do. (He’s a good dog, really! Like all rescue dogs, he comes with a full set of issues though!)

Being without livingroom furniture wasn’t a big deal to us when we were away in Europe, but coming back and hanging out on two antique Barcelona chairs did not make for comfy viewing of the telly. While we like the Barcelona chairs, we knew we wanted something else in our living room. I was really interested in a sleek sectional, as I thought it would work better in our space than a couch and loveseat would. So, a few weekends ago, we bought new furniture!

So that’s the tour of our new sectional, which is literally four sections that we arranged into the layout you see. You may have also noticed some crazy stuff going on in those pictures, like the side of a palm tree on the righthand side of the first pic, Hunter’s rump in the bottom corner of the second pic, and the Barcelona chairs behind the couch in the third (they look forlorn to have been replaced, but they will be much happier over there).

I did something in our closet over the weekend that I have been dying to do for a while: I bought 100 new hangers, pulled out EVERYTHING I own, went through it all for donations, made a dry clean pile, and then went to town organizing everything by color.

I know. I’m crazy.

But I love it. I really do.

One benefit of organizing my clothes this way that I hadn’t realized is that when I see an empty hanger, I know exactly what’s missing! In the section for blue clothes, I knew which shirt was missing after I wore it on Monday. And a sweater was missing that I then recalled I had left a work. Otherwise, I never would have ever thought about it. I like my system! Josef even let me organize his clothes.

So, mundane as that update was, I would like to point out that you’re all caught up now. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “4 fingers pointing back at you

  1. Yay a post! Did you see my finger pointing at you ?? 🙂 LOVE the new couch- will be interested to see how it holds up with a doggy- I HATE having to vacuum dog hair off our couch all the time and am thinking our next couch will be leather for sure!

    And, of course, being the anal nerd that I am, I love your organized closet! Love the idea for nice matching hangers!

  2. Thanks, Em! I caught up with your blog a few days ago myself!! Love it!

    I thought about you and Gabby when Sawyer was over. Miss you all!

    Guess what, about my closet? Tank tops all go on plastic green hangers, and pants go on another kind. It’s an amazing system! It really calms me down and makes me actually feel like I have clothing rather than frustratingly wonder what I should wear. Ahhhhhhhh… very zen…. 🙂

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