And another update on the painting

Full steam ahead! I am determined to finish this painting before my deadline! My self-imposed because it’s husband-imposed deadline!

It’s really foreign to me to work in a 2-D mindset. These buildings I am painting have no dimension beyond what I color them to be. I hope it winds up looking whimsical and not haphazard or lazy.

"I want to be where the sun warms the sky" - Madonna, La Isla Bonita

Today in yoga class we did “Yin Yoga.” Yin energy is feminine energy, and Yang energy is masculine energy. We  held a lot of poses and then meditated for 20 minutes that lasted an eternity. I felt like I was back in preschool, pretending to nap. There I was on my yoga mat (not all that different from the nap mats in preschool), trying to meditate and totally failing at it like I failed at napping back then. I’ve come a loooong way, ha ha! I stared at the ceiling, which has a lot of missing ceiling tiles and stickers on the actual ceiling beyond where the ceiling tiles would be that have phrases about it being smoke and fire-proof. Today, I spent the 20 minutes wondering if Yang energy had designed the ceiling in the room where I was pretending to be meditating. Maybe one day I will become good at meditating, because I am quite good at napping. Although, we just sold our living room furniture, so I don’t see many naps on the couch that I have come to enjoy until we actually own a couch again. I can’t nap on our bed, otherwise I think I’m supposed to nap until bed time and then just go to bed. Looking forward to having a couch again! Until then, I will have my painting to keep me occupied in the living room, where it is currently being painting atop our coffee table. And a whole lot of HGTV. I did finally catch up on the DVR’d Glee episode from Tuesday night, too, while the paint dried.

Have a good day, everyone!


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