Islands are popping up

Sort of.

If you read my blog yesterday, you’d know that I am working on a painting of some islands. They are fictional, but based on pictures I’ve seen of actual and made up islands. You can read about my inspiration here.

At the bottom of yesterday’s post, I included a picture of my progress so far. And, because I was able to paint some more on it last night, I am able to share even MORE progress on my painting.

I asked Josef if he had read my post. He hadn’t, but was able to go read it and report back to me that I had forgotten to include a major source of inspiration: La Perla, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He’s right. I had forgotten about it. I think I forgot about it because, as I said, I started that painting a year and  half ago.  I also probably forgot about it because I’ve never seen La Perla in person. Sounds like an intense place to be, not only because of its architectural frenzy.

That’s definitely in the realm of inspiration for my painting though! I am glad Josef brought it up again.

So, here’s my updated painting as of last night. I was painting and watching/listening to HGTV House Hunters as I painted. (I love that channel, by the way. It makes me smile. I also wish someone from HGTV would decorate my bedroom or redo our back yard. That would make me smile even more. 🙂 )

Again, colors are approximate. That’s our floor at the bottom of the picture, not a very realistic strip of wood I painted across the bottom of the painting. The horizon is a little funky as I had to make the sky meet the water. The colors on the mountain of many colors are mostly experimental at this point and will likely change before all is said and done.


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