A Walk in the Park

I went on a walk with one of my friends this weekend. She’s been going through a bit of a rough patch lately and it was good to see her and know she’s doing well despite all she’s been through.

She and I walked the Freedom Trail and adjacent paths. What a gorgeous day to be outdoors! Josef’s sister’s facebook status today declared it to be a crime not to be outside this weekend, and I agree!

We strolled at a good pace and chatted about a number of things across the two hours. Some topics were superficial, like plastic surgery, and others dug deeper, like mental health. I have realized that I am maybe a little too open about my struggles with maintaining a positive outlook and seeing a purpose for my life. Thankfully, being open about it seems to lead to worthwhile conversations with my girl friends because almost every girl I know has experienced similar feelings on some level.

I also realized aloud that I really am at a point that I have to work on being introverted. I don’t like not being around other people, where in the past I needed solitude far more often. I am really quick to make social plans, because if I don’t, I sit at home not being sure what to do. More often than not, I can’t seem to put alone time to good use, like cleaning or working on projects. When Josef is away on business, I really become rather inactive. When he is home, which has been a lot lately, thank goodness, I am more prone to work on things that need to be done. What a difference having another person around makes.

What has suffered the most from my lack of comfort with spending time alone is my level of creativity. I hope that by recognizing it, I can address this issue. Isn’t that half the battle? Now I will challenge myself to spend my time alone doing some art work.

I realize my thoughts aren’t so sunny when I chronical the way I feel when I am alone, but I record them here to perhaps help others make realizations about their own behavior patterns.

Walking outside in beautiful weather and getting to know my friend better was certainly a good way to spend my time. I think we both benefitted from our chat. I felt I had even done some good mental homework that I hadn’t planned to do.

One thing we talked about is whether we change as we age or do places change? Certainly it’s both, to a certain extent. We both lived in other big cities as young adults and experienced fun times with other young adults just out of college. It’s a time that we can’t exactly recapture. We and most of our friends from that time have moved on, both literally and figuratively. Our goals, desires, and interests change. Like all phases of life, we didn’t realize what a special — and necessary to our life experience — time that was for forming who we are today.

While we were walking, I realized what an idyllic setting our walk was in. The Freedom Trail and its offshoots meander through really beautiful neighborhoods. There were lots of fields of freshly mowed grass and older trees shouted their fresh green leaves against the vast azure sky while casting emerald shadows on the lawns. It seemed like all of Atlanta was out, yet it seemed like there was plenty of room for everyone to be walking, biking, playing frisbee, picnicking with friends, or lying on a blanket with their dogs.

The day was just perfect for enjoying a walk with a friend and reflecting on how life, despite upsetting circumstances and missing the good old days, seems to be everything it should be. Seems like a gorgeous spring day makes it all clear.


One thought on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Hey Susan, it’s not uncommon to feel the way you do, I’ve been down the very path, it’s a journey, remind me when I get back from Scotland, I have a number of books you’d probably be interested in that might help. When you reach a certain age & it varies, you find out there’s a whole other life beyond the young carefree years, I’ve been moving on it a lot in the last few years & it’s a fuller, more fulfilling time. Keep on delving into your creative side, don’t ever lose it, I haven’t been & dearly miss it. Once my kitchen is done, I plan on exploring it more and keep going to nature, it helps immensely.
    Also, don’t be afraid to be alone, it’s unnerving as you have to look inside & see you, it’s exactly where you are meant to be and it’s time to make you the best you that you can be.

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