Choose your own adventure!

Josef and I love to travel. We’ve been to Mexico three times, Europe once, and we’re going back to Europe in less than 2 months. We’ve also traveled places within the US that have been really fun trips. I love my husband and I love to experience new places with him and visit the places that are special to us.

We’re planning our next trip — Prague, Vienna, Budapest and other parts of Hungary, and Munich (Munchen, mein Munchen!). We went to Munich last year and just didn’t get enough. While I miss my husband when he is gone on his business trips, I really look forward to using up all the skymiles and hotel points he earns that take us on fun trips! It is great to actually go to the airport with him, when most of the time he flies and I stay here.

I keep having these fantasies of living abroad. It’s a little funny to want that, given that I absolutely adore our life here in Atlanta and our house is really special to us. We have awesome friends and rich lives because of happiness we have found in our work, church, and social circles. Our neighborhood has every potential to be THE place to live in Atlanta (we already think so, just waiting on the market to agree!), and our neighbors can’t be beat. Still, though, my heart just yearns to see what is in the rest of the world beyond our back yard.

During yoga today, our instructor said that people who have problems with their gall bladders have a hard time making decisions. Has my gall bladder been the culprit this whole time? Should I stay or should I go? Am I happy or sad? Do I want to settle or go out on a limb?

I looked at cars online today. I knew I shouldn’t look at them and I knew I shouldn’t tell Josef I was looking at them, but I just couldn’t help myself! I really didn’t look too far into the listings. I say that because looking for cars is only something I can do after two things have happened: knowing my work future and paying off the last of my debt. My goal is to know my job future soon and to have paid off my debt by summer. Then, I can look away.

Tonight when I got home, I thought about traveling some more. Beyond our travels to Europe this spring. I bing’d (binged looks wrong, but my search engine on my phone is bing, not google) the phrase “get paid to travel.” Came across a cool site with lots of testimonials. Thought about sharing the site with Josef.

Thought about how maybe that’s not a practical idea, getting paid to travel.

Thought about if I traveled for a living, I probably wouldn’t need a car that I owe a payment on.


Thought about what would we do with our house if we traveled for a living.


Thought about what if I just traveled for a living.

Paused. Could not consider traveling without Josef.

Thought about how I have been wanting to start to try having children (and no, we are not there yet).

Large pause.

I have several friends who at ages three to six years beyond my age now are just now having children. Am I willing to wait longer?

Is my gall bladder that messed up?


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