cross training

I have kind of stalled out mentally again. But this time, I recognized it really quickly and am back on the mend.

Tonight I write you from the comfort of my inner circle. I’m hula hooping! It has been a while but it’s just like old times. It’s sort of calming to hear the swish of the water inside it. I just hate that my toes go a little numb when I have been hooping a while. Oh, and I am writing this through my blackberry, not through a laptop suspended in the air. Now that would be talent!

Josef is watching COPS. I don’t know how police officers keep straight faces with absolute lunatics. Must be a talent they test for or a special class in their training. There are many reasons I would make a terrible police officer, and not being able to keep a straight face is one of them. Amazing.

Cross training. It’s spring time and I am active! Yoga on Thursday, running on other days, hooping tonight and hopefully more often, as well as gardening.

Now if I could just stop eating so much. I know it’s because I am not being active enough mentally. There are certainly things I can be doing to keep my mind off of food, and I am not actually all that hungry. There has been a lot of chocolate at work lately and some at home, too. And there has been an awful lot of pasta in my week. And bread.

And I haven’t been drinking my smoothies with the vitamins. Ah ha!

The time change is still making my waking difficult, so that has posed difficulty in getting my smoothy time in before I have to be at work. So it’s time to start making smoothies at night even though that means that the smoothy won’t taste as fresh and could lose some of its potency when it comes to nutrition — but that could be wrong.

I am currently trying to start a really low-key, low-ambition but socially entertaining crafting group in Atlanta. A coworker in Boston had a similar one and I never forgot about how fun it was. There are so many great craft ideas and I have a crap load of art supplies around my house. Plus I love any excuse to hang out with fun people. I think I’ll probably start a separate blog about it so that anyone who is interested can check the info there and see what the group makes. If it becomes stressful or a highly organized thing, then I will know it’s time to hang up the yarn and glitter.

Oh, and GUESS WHAT? We go to Europe in 10 weeks and 2 days!! YAY!!! Man, that’s another factor invading my already miniscule attention span.

I’ve starting paying attention to a few women on tv with really strong personalities: Patti Stranger of Millionaire Matchmaker and Kelly Cutrone of Kell on Earth, both shows currently running on Bravo. I realized that I am kind of in love with their decisive natures and trust in their own instincts on things and comolete confidence in voicing their opinions. And people LOVE them!!! Well, not everyone. I definitely want to pat myself on the back when I feel like I act like them, in my sweet Susan way of course, to call things as I see them and stand up for what I believe.

Well, it’s been fun blogging inside the sparkly pink ring of fun! Have a good night!


3 thoughts on “cross training

  1. ok, let me get this straight. you were typing on a blackberry while hula hooping. man, that is talent! let me know how the craft group goes – sounds like fun.

  2. Yeah, it’s really fun to blog while hooping! Okay, so I have only done that once, but it’s hard enough to put the Blackberry down, so might as well put it to good use.

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