The path I have traveled on is paved with good intentions

Well, in all my glory, I am now home sick with a common cold. A ding-dang virus has gotten the best of me. I can’t sing, I can’t speak, I am having nightmares when I doze — which is often.

I’m 30 years old, and all I want today is my mother to come take care of me. *Sigh.*

I think I’m feeling a little better now, though, than I did this morning. I did not get to run yesterday, and won’t be able to today, either, so I hope I am recovered enough to go tomorrow after yoga.

The title of the blog today is brought to you by the opening line of the Restless Heart song, “When She Cries.” Fortunately, I am not crying today (I think it would hurt, because sneezing sure does hurt), but I do think the line about good intentions strikes true to my nature. So that’s on my mind.

It snowed yesterday. It stuck a little, too, but then the temperature magically rose again so it melted. Atlanta has seen snow 4 times this winter, and most of it has not lasted very long, thank goodness. And this weekend is supposed to be nice, with temps in the 60s again. We’re on this sin-cosin rollercoaster ride with our temperatures this winter. Spring is just weeks away, and let me tell you, the grass is definitely looking greener on the other side of March 21.

And the time change – March 14. Just as I get good at waking up around 6 a.m. a few days per week, it’s time to readjust, which almost always is a slip-slidey course for my body. As much as I love me some sunshiney long days, man, is it every brutal to make the time change.

They say that the earthquake in Chile might have made the Earth wobble on its axle. Isn’t that just wild to consider? Apparently our day will now be one millionth of a second longer, maybe, if they can prove it shifted. Apparently, the north pole shifts along an area the size of a tennis court. How do they even know this?? Psh! Crazy talk.

Well, I am just Grumpers McGrumpy today, despite my supposed good intentions. This is how I know I don’t feel well! I will go now and try to fill up my glass so it’s not only half-full, but also just plain full.


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