soft shoulders

Doesn’t that sound like a perfume name or maybe a signal/self-diagnosis that you need to work on your flab if you have soft shoulders? I was referring to the several road signs we have passed today heading from Montreat back to Atlanta.

Furthering my obsession with my blackberry is finding out today that I could install the wordpress app for blackberry. And, here you are: my first blog entry from my phone!

Back to soft shoulders for moment: we passed the low/soft shoulders a few times already today, and since I am soooo mature, the phrase just made me giggle every time.

You guys: it was SNOWING today in Montreat and all the way from I-40 to I-26 and even the first part of 25. Then we met the state line, and, well, I guess South Carolina didn’t want any snow. Weird.

It was also frigid outside at a whopping 16 degrees as we loaded the car, put ice thaw on the slick patch of ice down the center of the driveway and loaded Hunter into his kennel in the car. Sure was pretty though!

We just stopped at the welcome center inside the Georgia state line. We will be home soon, and back to the real world. After Christmas we went up to see my family up in Spartanburg. A few days later we went up to Montreat, where we stayed with Josef’s parents. We rang in 2010 with good friends at Highland Lake Inn in Flat Rock, NC. We went back to Montreat and now we will enjoy a bit more weekend before going back to work.

It has been a wonderful holiday. I did myself a huge favor and got ready for Christmas in a gradual and unhurried amble from mid-November through now. Even though I cannot change some things that are just necessarily busy, with advance planning, it just doesn’t add up to the stress that would otherwise be there. It’s a way of doing things that I hope is now a habit. I really enjoy having plans and obligations neatly assigned to a calendar date – in pencil of course.

I think writing everything out helps me realize patterns, too. No wonder I get stressed out about things I wasn’t training myself to be aware of. Even though I am intelligent, I can’t always remember birthdays of friends, which days and to where Josef is traveling, or which Sunday is the fourth, as that’s when I usher. So realizing the front end planning really keeps me calmer. I feel good that I may have picked up a healthy new habit for myself as I definitely have had some extremely disorganized years in my past.

The snow that fell on the soft shoulders of the road today was very powdery, dry like sand. The ground was too frozen to receive it and the snow was too dry to stick, so it whirled in sundevil-like whorls and made mobil striations against the surface of the road. The passing cars and surface winds bid further unwelcome to the helplessly falling snow. I have felt like that snow in my lifetime, tossed about as I cling to a semblance of a disorganized plan, yet unable to settle because my goals weren’t even ready to receive me. I pray that my newfound ability to plan the mundane and recurring events of my daily life will extend to provide further clarity for forming life plans.


One thought on “soft shoulders

  1. I am so glad there was calm to your holiday. We loved your Christmas card and letter. Can’t wait to hear more about your next Europe trip. Hard to believe we will be back in ATL before you even leave. Time does fly!

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