Loving Summertime!

Even though I am jonesing to go back to Europe, thinking about grad school, and still working over the summer (work for which I am grateful!), I gotta say how much I love summer.

I love the long amounts of daylight, not being cold, a lighter menu, and fun activities.

We went to see the Braves play last Saturday. Even though it was a crappy game, it is always fun to go see them play and watch the people at the stadium. I love people watching, and there are thousands to watch at a MLB game.

Yesterday, we went tubing on the Hooch! It was a LOT of fun! We’d totally go again, I think. Thankfully, it was warm outside and the river was high thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately. And, the only part of me that burned was the tops of my feet – where the sunscreen must have washed off. It’s funny to me today that my abs are sore from supporting myself in the float. Even though the water was high, there were still plenty of large rocks to lift our bums away from; thus the sore abs. It was very peaceful out there, and the wildlife, which was mostly birds, was gorgeous!

I’ve gotten pretty tan – for me – this summer thanks to my summer gig: taking pictures of all the camps taking place at school. I get to walk around a ton and take pictures, which I then post on the web site for their parents to sign in and see. It’s been a lot of fun seeing a different aspect of this place – and an important one! Lots of faculty and staff are running these camps, too, so it’s cool to see them in a different capacity.

I love that I am walking so much in my job. I think I’ve been walking several miles each day, and some days more than that as the different camps take place all over the many acres of the campus. I think it’s helped me sleep better at night, and it gives me a lot of time to ponder life and organize my next steps with regard to my schedule.

Time to turn in. I bought a Bernhard Schlink novel, since I was so amazed by The Reader. This one is called Homecoming, and I am finding I like his writing style more and more. I am studying for the GRE as of today, so I need to learn from his brief style so I can ace the writing portion. 🙂 Good night!


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