Rambling like Char tonight!

I don’t have any cute little kid pictures, though.

Octave rehearsal has been canceled tonight, so now I have time to devote to the ol’ blog. A post every day this week so far – wow!

I have quite a bit on my mind, of course.

First, is my health. I’m not too happy with the way I have been treating myself lately. I’ve been a lump on a log, as mentioned in past blogs, and due to the sweet evil we know as Girl Scout cookies, well, let’s just say, I’ve let myself go a bit. I’m pretty disappointed in myself, of course. So, now I’m going back to the ways of healthy eatting and thinking. Starting now! This afternoon, as I am prone to do in the spring, which in and of itself gives me energy like spinach for Pop Eye, I went shopping for fruits. This time last year, I was eatting a lot of raw fruits and veggies in the form of smoothies. I wish I had more than one blender so that I could rotate between a clean one and the one in the dishwasher. But, it’s good to just have one so I can wash it every time I use it. So, yeah, here’s a toast to good health! And a return to feeling great about myself. I’m going to hula hoop tonight, too, because we all know it’s good for me.

Have you see the show on the Style network called Ruby? It’s about Ruby, a quite overweight woman who lives in Savannah, and she’s working with about 6 different people to help her conquer her bad habits that led to her mortal obesity. It’s a great show to watch because although I instantly felt critical of Ruby for being so overweight, now I feel hopeful for her and really, really want for her to succeed. I think she’d already lost a lot of weight before I ever saw an episode. Ruby is adorable, too, and she has a million friends because she’s sweet. I think it’s her southern accent, her acceptance of others, her willingness to speak her mind, and determination to take off all that weight that makes her so endearing.

Okay, on to another topic. Babies! I had a nice visit with my friend B today and her son. He is looking so much like his daddy, it’s amazing! Some of us from church are hosting a baby shower for our associate pastor, K, on Sunday. We’re really excited about it!

Next topic. Dust! It’s everywhere! I’ve been tackling the spring cleaning to-do list without the list so far as I keep having scary encounters with dust piles at every turn through our house. Yuck! I think maybe the extra sunlight due to springing forward in time one hour makes me see things differently. Dust that might not have been obvious at 5:00 last week, well, it’s sure there at 6:00 this week. I dunno, maybe that’s not a legitimate theory. All I know is there is dust and let’s not forget Hunter’s hair in plenty supply in our house. Too bad it’s useless, because we’d be rich!

Deep thought: In our young adult women’s Bible study, we’re working through some Faith and Film topics. Last night, we watched a portion of Les Misérables. We talked about forgiveness and whether or not bad people (as we see convicts as being) can truly reform. I think that everyone is good, as Anne Frank did, so it’s hard for me to lose hope for anyone. Others in the group were adament that some people are bad, no matter what. We talked about how we’ve all told white lies, to protect others, to avoid inconvenience, etc. I know that as a Christian I’m supposed to believe that everyone sins and can be forgiven, even myself. I just really like separating out the good and the evil, the essentially good person from their evil sins. I don’t like to let the two bleed into each other, but be starkly held apart, like ying and yang are reprensented. It’s a big topic to mentally wrestle with. I tend to think of goodness and love as light, and evil and hate as dark. I don’t like for them to blend, but of course they do. Even within myself. I just think we have to pour out our hope, love, and support for each other, and for ourselves. We also have to ask for help, like Ruby’s example. I think we have to love first and judge second – if at all. It’s too easy to fall into a pit of dispair because of our emotions or the way we view the world.

I’m reminded through this though pattern of Chuck Brodsky’s song, We Are Each Other’s Angels. I’ve only heard David Lamotte perform it, but it’s such an amazing song. Here are some of the words:

“We Are Each Other’s Angels by Chuck Brodsky

Sometimes you’ll stumble – sometimes you’ll just lie down
Sometimes you’ll get lonely – with all these people around
You might shiver when the wind blows – and you might get blown away
You might lose a little color – you might lose a little faith

We are each other’s angels – we meet when it is time
We keep each other going – and we show each other signs”

I’m grateful for all the angels who have touched my life in ways they know and could never know. I love thinking as myself as someone who could actually bless others, in big and small ways, as a way of giving thanks to God for all the wonderful people in my life who have blessed my path along the way. If I made a list, I wouldn’t be able to complete it as it would go on and on. And the people that have touched my life in these ways were also touched by others. It’s like a web of hope and love, or a really strong root system in which we are all entertwined. We can survive anything if we bear each other up.


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