Hi, faithful readers!

All five of you. I feel badly when someone I like a lot says, “Oh, I love your blog!” And then I remember, durn it, I still haven’t written a new post in almost a month, fer cryin’ in the mud!

So, what’s up? How ya been?

I’ve clearly been busy. And everyone else has been, too, it seems. I keep having conversations with various folks about how easily we fool ourselves into believing that the post-holidays will be a time of rest and reprieve from the rampant pace of the obligatory rat-race that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

Bull honkey. It’s March, and I am exhausted.

But, I am sooooo happy to see daffodils and forsythia bushes in bloom. The pears are starting to bloom, too, and some Japanese magnolias. Yep, this is the good life: spring in the south! Even though it snowed on Sunday a week ago, it’s now gorgeous weather and the promise of the end of winter is tangible. Yay! (If you live somewhere cold, I am sorry. I am sure in a month or two – you know who you are – you can say nah-nah to me when the south is hot and unbearable and you are enjoying the nice extended spring that we don’t really get. Our spring usually lasts about a month. Then it’s summer time for real.)

Okay, so what do I need report on? I am job hunting. I have even more motivation to get a new job because the part of my job that is not admissions is now gone. So, I am really, really hopeful that I can find a teaching job. I have a few good leads, have had some interest, so that buffers me. One day I was really down, recently. I had totally given up on my dream. When I got home, though, I had a huge packet in the mail from my college. Transcripts! I have a lot of them, now. And their arrival was an answered prayer. I mean, yes, I ordered them, but I received them when I was feeling unsure about my path.

Emotionally, I am feeling excited about our upcoming trip to Europe! I can’t wait to see our friends and experience a whole new culture. I know it’s not quite so different as a trip to other parts of the world would offer, but it will still be awesome.

I’m pretty sad at the same time, though, because we are missing two weddings and the end of our church’s youth program for the year. The first wedding is the day before we leave, but it still isn’t feasible to attend as it’s pretty far away, but I hate to miss it because they are moving away from Atlanta. One of the youth interns and youth advisors (they are married) aren’t going to be with us next year, either. So, along with most likely leaving my school, I’ll be saying goodbye to quite a few folks over the next few months. I do hate to miss the weddings of both of these girls because they are both so special to me and I’m honored to be invited. I’m bummed.

Josef’s traveling a bunch for work now, too, but luckily he’s not gone for big stints of time. I am always grateful for his safe landing.

I had a nice walk today. A good friend who lives in our neighborhood got an adorable dachshund last year. We took our dogs on a stroll around the ‘hood and I was worried at first because I couldn’t find Hunter’s harness. I had to walk with a leash on his collar, which worries me because I don’t want him to get hurt or easily slip out of his collar when he wants to attack another dog (highly probable with Hunter, unfortunately!). I was really relieved that it all went well! Sawyer, the dachshund, was more aggressive between the two of them, although Hunter did kind of “go off” when we passed a few dogs. I think Hunter is mellowing out a little bit, finally. He is, after all, almost 10!

What else did I want to mention? We had fun hanging out with a fellow Susan, her fiance, and her future stepdaughter last night. I’m still enjoying yoga. My hair is getting ridiculously long, but I’m getting it trimmed on Thursday. I am looking forward to a lighter work week, even though most of the rest of the school is on spring break. 🙂 I’m helping plan a baby shower for a much beloved pastor at our church.

Alright, gotta run for now. I hope to be blogging more regularly! And I need to go catch up on the blogs I enjoy! Enjoy your week!


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