Woah, how did it get to February? Plus, how did it get to be over one third of the way through February? It’s my friend Nicole’s birthday today, otherwise I’d be oblivious to the date still. I missed another friend’s birthday last week and I feel terrible about it as a result because she came to my birthday outing. Work has been really busy, but rewarding, too. Although, I am getting edgy, and I don’t mean to be. Also, I feel totally stunted creatively.

But, there are some good things going on that keep my mind out of the paperwork on my desk and the voicemails on my work phone, etc.

I’m really enjoying yoga class at school. I can already tell that I am becoming more flexible in my spine, which I wasn’t expecting to happen right away. I always feel great on Thursday afternoons.

The job hunt is going okay. More on that later. I am in that uncomfortable spot where I have a job, so do I really need to be looking for something? But then I have that chat with myself about following my dreams and believing in myself. I am really getting good at that personal pep talk.

In hillariously fun news, Octave was invited to audition for America’s Got Talent. We tried out on Sunday, which was fun, and we might get invited back, who knows? Maybe we’ll get to meet “the Hoff!”

That’s about it for now. The Europe trip is a little more than two months away! That keeps a smile on my face, for sure!


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