It’s all about me, you know.

Well, it is my blog, duh.

I thought I’d share some fun stuff about myself.

Like, for instance, a video of my solo that I sing in Octave. I hope if you check this out that you’ll also check out our other songs.

Also, on my birthday, my gal pal, Christy, A.K.A. Diva Lee Roth in Atlanta-based Sherupton, an all-female Van Halen tribute band, lent me the title to Diva for the evening:


And in the interest of full disclosure, here I am making fun of myself for the fact that I am wearing a tiara in public:


I wish I were also wearing bright pink satin gloves. That would have made it even easier to laugh at myself!

Here are some of my Octave gals. We’re demonstrating the need for long hair.


You know you want our hair. It looks so glossy! And Fab-O!

This is the guy responsible for the pictures, Max. You should check out his photography. He rules! I know him because he works with Josef, but he’s successfully been acquired as my friend, too, and I have Facebook to vouch for that.


Max took this neat picture of our friend, Lindsey:


Apparently, the way it turned out had something to do with the lighting. I just think she has a happy pink aura. 🙂

And, I’d like to thank the ever-wonderful, ever-generous, Love of my life, Josef for organizing the Birthday Weekend! Here are a few shots of us:


Just showing my appreciation!


Dinner the next night – not the best of either of us, but this shows my hair aspiring to be curly!


This is at Nakato, a Japanese steakhouse that Josef’s high school friend’s family owns and operates here in Atlanta. We had the green tea cake for my birthday! Yum!

Hope you have a great week! It’s been a wild one for me, work wise, but at least I knew it would be and at least I had a fun weekend before it!


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