It’s random, but it’s a post.

I fight January blahs (you KNOW you have them, too) by shaking things up a bit. You know, like pepping myself up by reminding myself that I am alive and I should try things once. Or, as is more actual, we took down Christmas (as evidenced in the last post a few weeks ago), and the house seemed a bit empty.

Where are the garlards? My brain itched to know.

Um, lights? I need bright lights, inside and out. And Santas galore. And a tree full of sympolic plastic or glass thingies.

Where are you, Christmas? sang my inner Cindy Lou Who.

(OMG, Isn’t Gossip Girl the best show ever???? The girl who played Cindy Lou Who is on it, but she’s taller and grew into her face. Kidding! About the face, not the actress being on the show.)

The other day, as Josef ran errands and I cleaned the house, the emptiness started to get to me. Plus, as is witnessed in the female side of my family members, we Freeman girls like to make the most of what we have and rearrange the crap out of the furniture.

Side story: in the 8 years I’ve known my husband, his parents have lived in three houses (one was a rental as their first house sold faster than they could find their present home). For the last 5(?)ish years, they’ve lived in the same house with, essentially, the same furniture layout. Things just have a home and they stay put. I admire that.

As for my parents’ household: anytime my mom got bored, stressed, sad, or inspired (and possibly a mix of any or all of these necessary ingredients), it was coming: the furniture would be rearranged at some point. And, ever since I moved out (even just to college), I do the exact same thing.

Luckily, my husband doesn’t seem to mind. And he even helps me!

So, I lugged the big green chair that was in our bedroom and its matching ottoman downstairs. I want to also bring down the ottoman I made from a coffee table (search for repurposing on this blog to see it as I am too much on a roll to go search for it) downstairs to our den as I am pleased with the two barcelona chairs cozying up like a couch, so I have an empty spot where the tree was and one of the Barcelona chairs was before that.

After that, I’m moving my dresser somewhere else in our room, likely in the cavernous space vacated by the massive big chair. I swear, this furniture set reminds me of 90s fashion – shoes in particular – the chunkier, the better. I do love our couch though, and I like having the set sort of together on one level. It’s like family.

I also plan to rearrange the guest room, although, truth be told, I am now a little split. I wanted to turn the bed 90 degrees and allow for space to move the keyboard into the room (Josef got me some software to arrange music for Christmas! Score! Get it?? Har har.).

Before dinner tonight, Josef and I discussed even MORE rearranging we want to do downstairs. We’re particularly interested in decluttering all our crap – I mean, beautiful stuff – and possibly moving some furniture around. He likes having the big green chair downstairs. We talked about moving the dining room table around. We talked about staining and painting some of the non-matching pieces so we don’t have so many colors going on. He’s hoping I’ll get off my duff and finish a painting I started ages ago because it will look really good above the big green couch.

So we’re slowing getting our act together. I love it that he wants to help me and that he likes to be involved and inspired by my ideas. How cool is that? Also, I got pretty giddy when he told me that he loves this soup I’ve been buying. I don’t know why that makes me so happy, but it does.

Wintertime: we’re going to make it through. Work will be tiring and hard for me (it’s our high season upswing as of today), it will likely get colder before it gets warmer, he’s going to be gone a lot because of his work travel. But, hear this, January blahs. To your blah, I have HAs!:

  1. Even though it’s wintertime, The days are getting longer now. HA!
  2. Even though it’s depressing old January, My birthday is coming up, which is awesome. HA!
  3. Even though it will take a while for them to bloom, The tulips are coming up in the back yard. HA!
  4. Even though I feel lost about my next career move steps, I meet with the guy who is helping me to look for teaching work tomorrow. HA!
  5. Even though I have felt like a hermit lately, I have a great life, filled with wonderful friends. HA!

So I guess my need to change and rearrange is my inner need to express I am not stagnant. I am vibrant and full of wonderful potential. I have to have faith in my attempts to rearrange my life where I need it: job, shedding hermit pounds; because it will be just as rewarding as making our home as wonderful as we want it to be.

By the way, it’s raining buckets outside now. What a gorgeous noise to experience when I’m inside, safe and dry.


2 thoughts on “It’s random, but it’s a post.

  1. Oh, how I wish it was raining, that means it would be warm!!! I love the sound of rain, curling up with a blankie & chillin’ & reading.
    Take your time with your house, mine’s been 18 years in the making, I’m finally getting it to where I want it, it keeps evolving as well, same as you.
    It’s all baby steps.

  2. LOVE to rearrange stuff… we did the gameroom right after Christmas to make room for all that Christmas wrought upon us… new rugs are coming tomorrow… new TV in the bedroom meant we had to do the TV shuffle…

    and great outlook on life, chickie… my january blahs are still hanging on, but getting better….

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