Christmas Inside!

If you think the OUTSIDE of our house is filled with Christmas cheer, just wait until you see the INside. 🙂

Santa's Boot with lavender sprigs

My parents thought of me when they were going through my grandmother’s belongings and they found this boot.

Pyramid, German Incense Smokers

Christmas is just in every direction you see in our house at the moment.

O Tannenbaum

Ain’t it purdy?

Gumdrop lights

These are the gumdrop lights from Target. LOVE them.

More holiday decor

It’s a little blurry, but you surely get the idea. Hunter wants you to know he wishes you a Merry Christmas, too. And I want you to overlook the extension cords. Tacky, tacky.

Stockings are hung

Yay! Pretty!

Christmas greets you at the front door

You can see Hunter’s Advent Calendar here. And a reflection of the Christmas tree. Yes, Hunter has an Advent Calendar. You’re hung up on that, right?

Cozy holiday den

The banister is bedecked with Santa figurines, Santa ornaments, polar bear Christmas lights, a garland, and red and white Christmas lights. I love the way this room looks right now. So cozy and festive! Just don’t look at those tacky extension cords, ‘kay?

Other side of banister

If you were spying on Santa, this would be one potential area to spy. The tree is not, after all, near the fireplace. So we give Santa a little bit of exercise? What’s it’s gonna hurt?

And thus concludes the tour of the downstairs Christmas Land. Hope you’ve enjoyed yourself! There are more photographs besides these, but lest you think we are really over the top with our love of Christmas decorations, I will spare you. I will point out that the chandelier in the den is decorated, but you can’t see it very well. And there is a mistletoe ball hanging from a ceiling globe on the way into the kitchen in the picture that has Hunter in it.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones!!


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