This is SUCH a real commercial! Oh, and my semi-new year’s list.

I have seen this verbal attempt in real life before, so I am totally in love with this adorable Hallmark commercial!

For new year’s or just because, I’ve decided a few things:

1. I am addicted to this blog. Even if there are only 7 readers.

2. I keep using pictures and artwork from people I don’t know (giving them credit, of course!). Maybe I should start doing my own illustrations and uploading them and using them in my posts. Lots of other people trust the internets to their artwork. I want to start doing that on a frequent basis.

3. Maybe I can then sell said illustrations on etsy. What a neat site! Maybe there are other things I could make to sell there. Head on over, if you haven’t before, to find all kinds of wonderful handmade items!

4. I love Octave. I do. But I need something more. I hope to find a band to do backup vocals with. Maybe that will be my New Year’s goal, but I might look into before the new year begins. There was a guy who approached Octave a while back but we all told him no, individually. Maybe he still needs someone. Or maybe I will finally get into a play.

5. I am really ready to pursue my teaching goal. I might start circulating my resume before the holidays, but I need to wait for the man at school who is helping me to review my resume and transcript.

Okay, thanks for reading as I sort out my life. Hope you enjoyed the video! Maybe my goals will gain clarity as this little boy’s speech eventually will. For now, I will treat my ideas like my own children, with the sweet tenderness of a mother who is working tenaciously to develop them!


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