Funny Euro Dream (almost)


This morning, I had a dream that I was supposed to be leaving in an hour to go to Europe. I think I was actually babysitting so that impeded my ability to pack. I tried to pack, as Josef repeatedly asked me to do, but as is typical of me in real life, I had a million things on my minds and had things that I needed to take care of.

Someone had set out some suitcases that were clearly meant for little kids, as they were tiny, flimsey, and excessively colorful; and I got mad because I wanted to take one big suitcase and a backpack. The only backpacks I could find were the kind our teachers have here to carry their laptop tablets around with them.

I decided to pack anyway, even though my luggage wasn’t appropriate, and in went all these fancy dresses I wanted to wear (most of which don’t exist in my wardrobe!) and I couldn’t find the shoes that went with them.

Then, of course, I was suddenly in a candy store. It was really nice, spacious, and well-lit. It might have been a crafts shop, too. It was a bit like a cute There were some cute kids shopping with their parents, including this cute little boy who kept running around and checking to see if I was still watching him.

I left the store and it was raining outside. I ran in it and it fell harder and harder. I met Josef at the car and he was mad that I still hadn’t finished packing.

Then I woke up. Tired as can be.

Luckily, we ARE going to Europe in the spring so I don’t have to be depressed about that not being true in real life! And I am quite relieved that I will likely have plenty of time to pack before we go AND use the luggage I want to use!


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