Jestering went well last night! I think I get more into it every year.

Two things I tend to forget about until I am actually jestering that I should remember next year (if I go for round 5!):

1. I jingle with every move I make. Every. Move.

2. I need to learn some medieval jokes.

I danced around with that silly (and heavy) boar’s head before everyone got there. Did I mention it was heavy? Heavier than I recall it being? And, thank goodness, it is now candle-less. It used to be surrounded by ten votives with tealight candles in them. And I danced with fire. Apparently, last year the banquet table got a little burned where I set down the Boar’s Head, due to some fake ivy dangling down into the Boar’s Head candles. Whoops! I am not so sure the head was as secure as it normally is, so I had to compensate for that, too, with my dance. Fortunately, I didn’t drop it and I didn’t pass out from lifting the tray over my head as I danced. It’s a mercifully short song.

No update on the house lights. It rained plus Josef got home later last night. It is quite dark at the moment and we’re under a tornado watch. Come to think of it, it does look a little, um, green outside. Ugh. It was cold enough to snow two days ago, and now we have a potential for tornadic activity. Wow, the south always has weather to talk about!

And, my latest addiction? The Shiba Inu Web Cam. So cute! At the time I write, it’s not on air, but it should be soon. There were 6 puppies originally at this breeder, but now there are 3. And they are so cute to watch! Makes me want to get a web cam so I can watch Hunter from work.


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