Motivation: I have it!

Things I did yesterday to try to get over my funk:

1. Signed up for yoga for every Thursday from January until the beginning of March. My pink mat that I got for $6 is ready to make its debut.

2. Hula hooped while I read this really interesting novel called The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton. (No, I was not aware that it was an Oprah book until I had already checked it out. So I guess someone else really liked it.)

3. Laundry and dishes.

4. I watched only 30 minutes of tv last night: 15 minutes of Gilmore Girls (best show of all time!) and 15 minutes of Gossip Girl (because, let’s face it, I am addicted to it). Both were worthwhile, didn’t take up huge chunks of time, and I wasn’t too lost by watching the end of Gossip Girl.

In other news:

Josef put MORE lights up last night. The house looks SO cute, but I want to wait until he’s done to get a picture. He going to hang icicle lights tonight after he finds hooks to hang them with. We’ve already gotten lots of compliments from neighbors. 🙂

Tonight will be a long one, but it’s full of good things. We’re having our madrigal dinner at church and I am playing the Jester once again – 4th time! Basically, I schmooze during the Wassail Bowl time and then bring in the Boar’s Head (ain’t that something fun for a vegetarian to do!) and dance around with it. I promise I won’t do what this jester’s doing:


I don’t even paint my face. I don’t wear ill-fitting elfin shoe covers, either – I wear maryjane style Birkinstocks instead.  I am told I make a cute jester!

After that, I will head to Octave rehearsal, which won’t be a rehearsal but a big ol’ meeting we have been trying to have for months! I won’t get home until late. I suppose when I get home, the house will be ablaze with more lights!

By the way, we bought these adorable lights we’ve hung in the kitchen that are a string of gum drops!


Aren’t they cute? I’ll get a pic of them up in the house, too. We also have candy canes, Santa heads, and polar bears up in the house, along with my Santa figurines.

Oh, last thought: if you haven’t listened to our friend’s band, Lindsay Rakers Band, please do so ASAP. Our friend Lindsay (who is also a neighbor) sings lead in the band and I think wrote most of the songs. How cool is that, to have a bunch of song ideas and get a group of talented singers and instrumentalists to collaborate with you and form a band with your own name? Such a talented bunch! We went to see them on Saturday night and they were awesome! My favorite songs right now are “Wishing Well” and “Radiate.” But then, I also love “Less Asleep” and “Vertigo,” too. Hope you enjoy listening to them!


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