Freezin’ and Fattin’

Maybe I am not being very fair to myself, but I feel gross and pudgy at the moment. I am much more motivated to eat well and get out there to work out when I am not cold! Anyone else feel this way? I just want to hibernate right now, but before I do, I want to eat warm soups and lots of cheese and potatoes. I had to force myself to eat cooked veggies last night, even though I would have been much happier with a loaded baked potato or something else nice and warm. It is just plain cold these days, so why move? Why eat healthily? Why do anything? Meh, again. If my hands could warm up, I know I could muster the energy to do more today! How do you Canadians do it, Jackie? I told Josef last night that we don’t live in Boston anymore, I guess it missed us! Even he is cold these days, yet he is filled with the spirit of Christmas present. I hope our house is done tonight as we bought MORE lights to put up (won’t be anything like Char’s but it’s a worthy contribution!) so I can post pics. Stay warm, everyone! And i you’re already warm, appreciate it for me! BBBBBRRRRRR!!!


2 thoughts on “Freezin’ and Fattin’

  1. YAY! Christmas light pictures. Get up off your lazy freezing butt and post them asap!!

    Best way to stay warm is lots of comfortable, roomy layers… (this from a gal living in Texas!!)

  2. Trust me, girl, I DO NOT do winter well!!!!!!! Ya just bundle up a lot & stay inside as much as possible, which I am doing any chance I get.

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