Thought on thoughts

In reading this interesting article by Martha Beck on nipping the irritation found by trying to help those who constantly complain, another thought occurred to me.

Maybe like the time I wrote down everything I ate when I was trying to figure out how to balance my diet, perhaps I should write down the things I say or even think so that I can figure out if I am hurting myself with my own thoughts – as in, inhibiting my progress toward my goals or just plain thinking about myself too much.

Not only should I record my thoughts, I should also record to whom I say my thoughts! I say this because I have tried to complain twice about the guy from the heating and air company to my co-worker. Why do I need to share in the first place, plus, why would I want to burden her twice? How rude of me! She is very good-natured and puts up with me and my need to express my concerns. Fortunately she shared similar thoughts with me from time to time, but i do worry that maybe I am sharing, you know, a little too much.

Anyway, time to turn outward, I think!


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