Our season was A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Well, I’m done coaching cheerleading for the season. Last night was our last game. Don’t even get me started on how sad I am the season’s over. Because I am very sad. I miss the girls already, plus if we had more time together, they could keep accomplishing more stunts, etc.


Let’s list out the season’s accomplishments, shall we?

In 10 weeks, our squad:

  • Learned and performed 5 (maybe 6) different dances, including one for homecoming with Varsity.
  • Got three straddle basket tosses.
  • Tumbled in the dances and on the track (including the very cool standing back handspring ripple line that ended with SG’s standing back tuck!
  • Learned 30+ cheers/chants
  • Cheered in 9 games (two were one quarter of a varsity game)
  • Created a 5 1/2 minute long dance that the entire squad choreographed in small groups.
  • One stunt group mastered their twist off cradle from a half – as sophomores, I bet they can get a full twist off next season as juniors!

Three members of the squad compete with the gym where the school’s squads attend cheerleading camp, adding expertise to our team.

10 of out 15 girls can tumble beyond a round-off. Two girls can do aerials (a round-off with no hands) and two can do round-off back handspring back tucks consistently. One can do a standing back tuck. I am sure others on the squad can do these things, but probably have to get up their confidence level some more before they can hit these tumbling skills on a regular basis. At any rate, I am pretty sure that of the four squads we have at school, JV Football is the only one with this many girls who can tumble. By the time they reach varsity, they will greatly increase the visual interest level the cheerleaders can offer. I’m excited for them and their coach.

The girls on my squad were so sweet to each other – truly good friends, never exclusive. Many of them told me when I had one-on-one interviews with them in the middle of the season that they’d made new friends they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten a chance to know. Also, I really had fun getting to know their mothers (and some dads!) at the games! It was a wonderful experience all the way around, and I am grateful for the opportunity to coach and get to know these girls.

Amended post:

Here are our three straddle basket tosses (they fliers are doing a toe touch in the air after being thrown out of the basket toss):


3 thoughts on “Our season was A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  1. Congratulations on a great cheerleading season! I’m not sure what most of your post means (what the heck is a straddle basket toss??) but it sure sounds good!!! I bet you’re an A-W-E-S-O-M-E coach!

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