Can’t stop going back for more!

Every so often – and probably more often than I can recall upon waking – I have a recurring dream about being back in high school. Usually I am a senior, and the constant scenario is that I have been skipping a class, usually history, all year and suddenly it’s dawned upon me that it’s important that I pass this class.

This morning, in a Benedryl-induced sleep, I ventured back in time, yet again, to 10th grade this time. Not only had I been skipping a class, I couldn’t remember if it was history or reading.

Aside: Reading? Who takes reading in high school? I think the last time I took a class called reading was in 7th grade, where I had English and reading back to back with all the other nerds (affectionately said) at the end of the day: a double verbal whammy.

It’s 10th grade in my dream, and I’m at home (have never seen this home before!). I’m running late for the class I’ve never been to all year. I can tell by the time that I have an hour and ten minutes to get there, but I can’t remember if an hour is 60 or 100 minutes OR which class it is OR where it is.

The thought goes through my head that I simply don’t care. Soooo unlike me. Especially back then. I was that kid who wept for a week if I got less than a 95 on something. It wasn’t until 11th grade that I accepted that I wasn’t perfect.

A friend of mine appears in the dream. She’s not actually anyone I know, but she is a classmate and tells me it’s just October so I can easily make up all the work I’ve missed. I don’t believe her.

So now I’m panicking as I am dreaming about running late and why don’t I care and how many minutes are in an hour? Confusion mounts as I search for shoes and the door out of the house, which sprouts passageways and places that seem to be outside but are really part of a treehouse or something? I don’t know.

Fortunately, I woke up before it got any more confusing.

Why do I keep going back to high school? What is my unfinished business? I guess I am not fully excited about the 10 year high school reunion coming up? I thought I was excited, but I guess I’d feel better if more of my close friends were going to be there.


2 thoughts on “Can’t stop going back for more!

  1. I dunno about you but I keep dreaming I can’t find my locker in high school. Sure don’t know what it means but I’ve had it for years.

  2. Oh I HATE high school dreams. I always have the one where I can’t remember my locker combination… I’m just randomly spinning the lock KNOWING I have no clue what the 3 numbers are, praying fervently that the numbers will pop into my head. They never do.

    I also have the “forgot to study” dream wherein I realize that the final I forgot to study for is starting RIGHT THAT MOMENT. And I also have the waitress dream where I’m back at my high school place of employment, trying to remember what each of 4 tables needs, all at the same time.

    I think we all have unresolved high school stuff that we carry with us. Funny thing, nobody ever goes back and dreams they were crowned homecoming queen or made valedictorian.

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