10 days later, still no word

I auditioned for a show two Saturdays ago. It was the first time in many years that I had auditioned for anything. The last time I auditioned was for Octave, and I got in, so I’m all set with regard to being done auditioning for singing groups.

I still haven’t heard anything about the cast list. I scour the web site for the company every day at least three times in hopes that it will be posted. I have received no emails. I sent the adminstrative guy one of those emails, you know, where you try not to be annoying, but you actually are. I can imagine him giving me a high pitched nasally voice as he read my inquiry as to whether or not the show had been cast yet. I sent this email only after I stopped able to restrain myself from writing. It’s fine if they’ve made up their minds that they don’t want me, and it’s also fine if they do want me but want to wait a while to tell me. I just don’t deal well with unknown timeframes. I also keep finding out about other stuff I could be doing while this show goes into production (not that I have an inkling what the rehearsal schedule would even be like). I also have realized why I never pursued acting. It’s just too unpredictable. Plus, my confidence level is too easily influenced by things, such as not knowing when or if I’ll ever hear from these people. All this nonsense makes me turn inward, which I HATE.

Luckily, I have plenty of things on my plate to occupy my mind and my visual field: Coaching practices and games, three Bible studies, joining the Diversity Coordinators in the junior high, church youth group, church young women’s Bible study, Octave rehearsals and performances, send-off dinner for friends moving to Belgium, meeting a friend’s new baby boy, planning for upcoming weekend trips to NC and northern Georgia, potluck and the first Presidential debate, keeping the house clean, a huge bump on my ankle from an entire fire ant colony attacking me this past weekend, etc. Yeah, September is crazy enough – fortunately, mostly good! – but I still want to know if I got into the show so I can stop holding my breath about it. Or catch my breath. I am not sure which, at this point.


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