And the Whiner is…


Yep, I am crabby this fine a.m.

I incorporated my alarm clock noise into a dream I was having at the time, so I overslept. Consequently, didn’t shower. Consequently, left later than I had intended.

Had to deal with not-so-clean hair. Got work and think that maybe my skirt is a wee bit too short to be deemed work-appropriate. I’ll be hanging out behind my desk a lot today!

A person almost ran me over in the crosswalk here on campus. I was clearly in the crosswalk, other people were waiting, and yet this person decided to gamble with my reflexes. As if her car didn’t move faster than I walked, as if waiting on me for 5 more seconds would prevent her from achieving her goal. Not much about my withering, judgmental face registered with her, either.

Got to my office, only to hear that the percussion room adjacent to my office space is full of junior high boys, plunking out odd-ball phrases on the xylophones and chimes, triangles, bongos, whatever. This set up has continually grated on my nerves the last three years, but of course I put up with it because my job transitions to another department in a month, so why make a big deal when I’m leaving soonish anyway?

At least I have something exciting to look forward to: I brought some delicious loose leaf Earl Grey tea with me today. It was a gift I got back at our housewarming, but I hadn’t tried it yet. I had some over the weekend, and is it ever delightful. Chimes may ring, people might hit me in crosswalks, and I might get sent home to change clothes, but once I settle in with my wonderful tea, all will be well.


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