“Yakkity Yak”

“Don’t talk back.”

I used to love this song when I was little, even though I am sure I didn’t really get it at the time. I was used to being the one told to do the chores. I also categorized it with “It’s a Hard Knock Life” as I could sympathize with the girls who complained about their chores.

But I find myself in a different place, and not without an ounce of sympathy for those who have had to lay down the law before when I’ve not performed my part.

Let’s get a few things straight here. I love coaching. I love all the girls and cheerleading and being at a school. I also HATE HATE HATE having to be bossy. But when I’ve clearly expressed to the girls I am coaching that we have certain rules to live by and yet they disobey them, it’s hard to remain best friends with them for long.

But then, I am not here to be their best friend. I’m here to coach and teach them how to better get along with each other and in the world. That’s my hope anyway.

The thing is, a lot changes in a year. Last year, where I would have trembled to ask a girl to be quiet, I am now totally unafraid to stand up for myself as the person in charge. Last year, where I would have sweetly reminded the girls not to wear jewelry, chew gum, or any other minor infraction, I have now acquired the ability to be that lady who is totally unafraid to crack the figurative whip.

I feel so serious. It’s weird for me. But experiencing this confidence in myself also clarifies for me to point of hitting me over the head that I am READY to become a teacher. Like, for real. It’s exciting. I love planning what we’re going to do. I love feeling 100% confident in speaking up infront of these girls. I hope that I am shaping them in positive ways, but of course that’s not an instantaneous assessment. I hope I am helping them become better versions of themselves. This season is shaping up really well and they girls have been working really hard. I feel so purposeful and clearheaded about everything from what’s expected of me to how to run practice effectively.

Now if they can stop chattering so much, they can pay attention more, we can accomplish more, and we’ll be golden!


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