You take the high road

And I’ll take the slow road.

I tried really hard and partially succeeded at waking up early today in order to get on my new schedule since I am now coaching (school has finally begun!). Last Friday I was oblivious to the fact that all the seniors would be parking where I normally park so I got to park far away. It’s okay. I always need the exercise.

I was happy to be in my car by 7:22 this morning, as opposed to 7:40, which meant I had a fighting chance of securing a parking space. I putzed along to work, which is always longer than it should be because of too many people and stop lights that last way too long. I turned onto the street I’ve been taking all summer to get to work, and WHAM! Everyone else was there, too! I did not have this problem on Friday as by the time I got to this point, everyone else had come and gone (and taken the parking spaces, too, of course). It was bad enough that there was a holdup caused by the large amount of traffic into the school where I work, but to make things worse, this jerk behind me, who also planned to turn left, seemed to think that I wasn’t in front of him. HELLO. My name is SUSAN. I am occupying the space IN FRONT of you. GET OFF YOUR PHONE, Mr. Special Pants.  Jerk.

I did make it to work in stellar time, even with this delay, but now I know I need to take the LONG way to school, because it’s actually faster. I’ll probably still go home this shorter way. I know this is fascinating to you! I am sure everyone can relate though, how your commute would be so much easier if it weren’t for X, Y, or Z. I live 4 miles from work yet it takes me 20+ minutes to get there. More time for NPR for me. 🙂


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