I am crackers, almonds, a pear, and a PB&J sandwich.

And, tea. I am tea.

I was just thinking about how at lunch today, the cafeteria offered french fries. I really, really wanted some fries. With some ketchup. But I reasoned with myself that I could definitely find other, worthier, healthier, less-caloric options. Clearly some of the other options were out: corndogs, or hot dogs with a bun, or cold cuts. I’ve been steering clear of cheese the last few days with my upset stomach. So, all I came up with as my lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I ate it slowly, disregarding my fellow lunch mates’ plates of fries. And their ketchup.

Yes, in addition to my sandwich, today I have consumed everything else I’ve listed. If I am what I eat, I’d rather be any of these things because it’d be better than being fries. For one, I wouldn’t be greasy. All the other things I ate are neatly transportable. And can be consumed at room temperature. Fries have to be warm. They may be a convenient thing to eat some times, but you wouldn’t, say, take them with you to work to eat for your afternoon snack. Gross. I don’t want to be gross.

I am pleased with myself for not eating fries. Even though, truth be told, I’d still love to go eat a big plate of them about now. With ketchup. Funny how the same mind that tells me to eat healthy still has a rebellious side.


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