Re-purposing project conflicts with other projects

I started my painting I mentioned. And I also have gotten mentally geared up for some more re-purposing. Now they are in conflict with one another, like siblings vying for my attention: look at me! look at me!

Silly projects. So self-important.

It’s also hard to work on them while I want to read some books I got at the library. The school library is closed until school starts, so it’s the public library for me. I put some books on hold so they’ll be delivered to the branch near our house (I love that I can walk to it!). Not very clear on how holding books works, I stopped by the library the day after I put the books on hold, as I recalled my neighbor saying her books she’d put on hold were there the very next day. Turns out I am dim. I am in a cue to get the books, but I must wait my turn. Though I am number 1 in the cue, I must wait until the materials are actually available. While I am waiting on the books I put on hold to arrive, I am reading some books I got from the library – why not check them out? They’re already there.

I’m re-reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. What a great book. My favorite part of this book so far is that someone who read it before I did took the liberty of taking notes on pretty much every page. Spelling things out for those of us who need the help, like explaining who someone is when they are referenced early on but not introduced yet, or writing literary terms over the paragraph where such literary terms reside. The note-taker also underlines words copiously. It’s like reading your teacher’s copy of the book from which he or she would teach year after year. I think it’s neat!

Were it not for the note-taker, I might have a hard time focusing as it’s becoming very difficult for me to focus lately, even on things that I enjoy. I am blaming the heat. I can’t even hula hoop lately because I keep remembering something else I meant to do. Then when I do whatever it was I interrupted myself to do, I fall into the snare of other distraction. I really hope it’s the heat!


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