If you name a film after a book,

then shouldn’t the movie be like the book?

Yeah, I finally watched The Other Boleyn Girl. I loved the book. It was partially chick lit, partially historical fiction, and it was totally impossible to put down when I read it a few years ago. Imagine my excitement when it came to the theatres. I didn’t get to go for various reasons, but I finally got my chance Saturday night. Sheesh! Could you at least PRETEND the story in the film should be anything like the book? Would it be that difficult?

The look of the film was beautiful.Couldn’t the film have been the fulfillment of what the reader actually read? Now I’ll pretend the actors and scenery from the movie actually did the things in the book, or I might just stick to my own original mental representations.

I spent the entire 2 hours thinking, nope, that’s not how it happened in the book. Nope, not that either. I know it’s a long book, but so are the Harry Potter books, but the Harry Potter films at least have a semblance of their source. I spent the entire 2 hours thinking of other stuff, like painting my toenails or how long would my hair grow if I never cut it (don’t worry, honey, I wouldn’t do that to you). I never did that during the book as I never put it down voluntarily. I only put that book down to, you know, like sleep and eat. That was it. Otherwise, my attention was totally snapped up in that book; I never considered my toenails or my hair.

Disappointed, party of one. Sorry, if you liked the film!


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