The Weekend in Review

On Saturday morning we went to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market. We’d been planning all week to go as we’ve not been in town on a consistent basis to justify going there and buying a bunch of stuff that would inevitably go to waste in our absence. We bought some lemonade to drink while we walked around. We also purchased blueberries, lemon cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, grape tomatoes, cheese (yum!), and some candied almonds. My bag was full and my wallet was empty by the time we were through buying all that stuff so we had to leave.

Then we went to the art store and bought a big ol’ canvas! It’s ginormous. 48″ x 36″ to be exact, or 4 feet x 3 feet for those of you who need the conversion. We somehow managed to fit it into my tiny car and took it home. I did some preliminary drawing on my sketchpad to plan out my painting. I consulted with some of our Putumayo cds for inspiration as this painting will have a set of tropical islands in it with people dancing on the hill side in the foreground. I ❤ Putumayo’s music collections! Once I had my design down, I set to work with color pencils to draw in the design. The most tedious part is going to be the town that will fill out the hillside just beyond the foreground. It took me several hours to fill in maybe a third of it so far, but it was so much fun to create these houses from my imagination and inspiration from the cd covers. There is also definitely some influence from my husband’s pictures of Puerto Rico and his aunt’s pictures of Greece. While it bothers me a little bit that this painting isn’t based on an actual place with its distinct architecture, I believe I am trying to create a Utopia of sorts, one that is multi-cultural in its people and architecture.

Later on Saturday my oldest sister arrived with her two children in tow, as well as my mother, who had been invited along to help my sister with her little ones. It was awesome to see them! Our niece is now 5 and our nephew is 2 as of today. Hunter and our nephew befriended each other last September, and the friendship has stuck. They are boon companions at this point. Plus, Hunter is quite happy to clean our nephew’s face off as our nephew is the perfect height for Hunter to do so.

My mother gave me some Friendship Bread that our middle sister made and sent along. She had also sent along the bread starter. My mother seemed to think that Friendship Bread and chain letters are akin to one another, and as such she gave both the bread and the starter (with its instructions) with apologetic comments like, “Well, if you want to make some bread, here is the started, but don’t make it if you don’t want to.” and “Here are the instructions, but you don’t have to make the bread if you don’t want to.” I finally said that it looked like fun and I thought my sister was very sweet to send it all along. And I do think it sounds fun and I’ll try it out. I already have failed a little, though, as I did not follow yesterday’s instructions to “mush the dough” on day 2. Whoops. I really enjoy the instruction sheet the most in the line that I might need to “burp the dough” at times. Hee hee.

Sunday afternoon I went to go see The Color Purple at the Fabulous Fox Theatre with my mother-in-law and her childhood friend, who also brought her sister and six-months-pregnant daughter. It was a wonderful production and a wonderful tale. The Fox has issues though! Without going into to much detail, I must mention that the Fox should take a good look at the stairs going up to the balcony and issue warnings for people with canes and knee problems who want to purchase tickets up there. Also, they should investigate the sturdiness of their railings as we saw one lady completely wipe out. And the ushers should not chat during the show. That’s all I’ll say. Anyone who wants more detail is more than welcome to ask me.

It was a nice weekend, all-in-all. I came to the realization last night that I need to go back on the diet wagon again, at least more on the exercise wagon. I’m not eating badly, but I haven’t been hoopin’ it up like I should or walking as much as I should. I made it this far doing so many things right, with a plan I made for myself using wonderful resources found in other people I know. I can’t just let myself go like I have been the last month or so. I came to this realization because I was lying down on the couch (lazy girl!) because I had a migraine (legitimately) when my husband gave me an affectionate pat on the back, expressing his hope that I would feel better soon. The resulting wiggle of fat all over my mid-section that I experienced was totally disgusting so I got up right then and hula hooped for 30 minutes. Later I hula hooped for 30+ more minutes while I watched a movie. I gotta get away from the tv more often. I need to read more and of course work on my gargantuan painting. And my house could use some cleaning, too. My command to myself: stop being lazy!


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